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This is it! You’re going to build your dream barn. You’ve been on the Internet, clicking through Pinterest, admiring the equestrian palaces that the world’s luckiest equines call home, and picturing it all on your own plot of land. You know what you need: a center aisle with four stalls, perhaps, or a nice breezeway style barn with lots of fresh air and three bright stalls. Or maybe it’s time for a professional showplace stable, with plenty of room for all your clients’ horses, elegant fittings, and roomy tack rooms.

So how do you get from […]

Swimming for Horses

Recently on our Facebook page ( we’ve shared some photos of horses swimming that have been very popular. Swimming, along with hydrotherapy and water treadmills, is rising in use for horses recovering from a variety of ailments and lamenesses. So what is swimming for horses all about?

Essentially, swimming allows a horse to regain (or maintain) condition without causing undue impact or pressure on the hooves, legs, or abdomen. This makes it an ideal exercise tool for horses who have undergone leg surgery, abdominal surgery, or who are recovering from laminitis. It’s also a useful […]

Making Horses Drink

5:08 pm

We all know that saying about leading horses to water, not making them drink, haha very funny Uncle Mike, you told that the last time I was over for dinner… but as equestrians, we also know sometimes making horses drink is absolutely imperative to their health.

Contrary to what Uncle Mike and all your other non-horsey relatives think, there are methods to make horses drink. Here are a few tips for the next time you’re dealing with a dehydrated horse who won’t drink his water.

Horses just don’t get thirsty in the same way that humans […]

Composting Horse Manure

One constant dilemma facing horse owners, no matter what your discipline, is manure disposal. Horses create manure continuously, and it has to go somewhere. The ubiquitous manure pile that so many barns have used over the years is, unfortunately, a less attractive and useful option as farm properties grow smaller and closer to their neighbors, and as municipalities and water management boards seek to discourage run-off into streams, rivers, and aquifers. What to do with all that manure just piling up?

Try composting!

Compost can create useful, nutritious soil amendment out of manure — truly turning a problem into a […]

Keeping Warm During Winter Rides

7:14 pm

Whether you winter in sunny Florida or someplace significantly snowier, you’re going to be shivering at some point this coming season.

And your horse might be, too! Let’s take a look at some products that can help keep your toes from going numb and your horse from getting a chill as you train through the winter. We also have links to examples, although we haven’t necessarily tried all the products linked.

It’s hard to keep your hands soft when they’re frozen solid. Heating packets like HotHands hand warmers can slip right inside your […]

Hay is For Horses

5:33 pm

Hay is for horses…

and how much and where you feed that hay can make a difference to the health of your horse. Horses are natural-born grazers, meaning that in their natural state, horses would work at roughage for fourteen hours a day or more. Stalled horses, in contrast, often only have food before them for a few hours a day. Although free-choice hay is the best way, not every horse can have hay before them all the time.  What can a horse-owner do to make sure their horse gets the most from their hay […]

Glue On Shoes

6:36 pm

No Nails Required: The New Era of Horseshoeing

For about five hundred years, give or take, humans have been protecting horses’ hooves and giving their animals traction by nailing on shoes. And for just as long (presumably) horses have had their hooves damaged by those nails, whether simply because slowly-growing horn racked up too many holes from back-to-back shoeings, or because a “hot nail” hit sensitive laminae within the hoof.

Horseshoes are often seen as a necessary evil. Sure, we’d all love to have our horses barefoot — it would hurt less when they step […]

HDPE Fencing

3:56 pm

A key element of any horseperson’s day: putting a horse someplace, and keeping them there.

Whether it’s a stall, a paddock, a round pen, or a pasture — since humans started working with horses, we’ve been building fences to keep them where we want them.

Traditionally, wooden rails have done that job for us. Wooden barns, wooden fencing — trees have been converted into corrals for much of horse-human history. Lately, faced with a world in which keeping trees standing is more important than chopping them down, horsemen have been turning to alternative methods of keeping […]