Earth-Friendly Horse Bedding Alternatives

12:02 am

Horse bedding: for many horse-owners, it’s pretty straightforward.

Wood shavings tend to be the most popular bedding used for show and pleasure horses; straw tends to be the most popular bedding used for race and breeding horses. In an industry where tradition is king, we’ve been experimenting with different types of bedding for years, but never straying too far from the beaten path.

But are straw and shavings as good as we can do for our horses and our farms? Increasingly, curious scientists, horsemen, and entrepreneurs are seeking out new alternative (and sometimes ancient) forms […]

ArenaSlide – Riding Arena Window

Can you imagine your riding arena with this beautiful sliding window?

You could almost feel like Zorro (or at least like Antonio Banderas) riding in and out of the Lair of the Fox.

Only Zorro didn’t actually have a door this cool.

And this is not a door.

This sliding window is an alternative to shutters or garage doors to provide ventilation and daylight in your arena. I have to say that we’re pretty proud of the new window, created with our friends at Real Carriage Doors. Take a look […]

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