Best Companion Animals for Horses

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Companion Animals for Horses

Horses are herd animals, and they are naturally suited to life with at least one companion. Sometimes, though, it just isn’t possible to have another horse for a companion. Pasture space may be at a premium, or you may be dealing with a stallion or otherwise aggressive horse who is nonetheless lonesome for a pal. So what kind of animals can you use as a companion for your horse?

Ponies and Miniature Horses can make great companions when a horse is too valuable/accident-prone to be turned out with other […]

Stable Tips for a Happy Summer

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Everyone’s been waiting for summer, and now that it’s here, there’s a good chance we’ll find something about it that makes us anxious for fall. After all, summer has its own unique challenges for our horses, our farm, our tack, and ourselves. So here are some tips to keep your stable happy this summer.

Happy Tack
Leather does not love humid summer days. If mildew and green mold begin to creep into your tack room, it’s time for some climate control. To start, be sure you wipe your tack dry after cleaning. (We […]

Getting Gray Horses Gray Again

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Gray horses do not want to be gray. They make this clear to us every time we turn around, seemingly — gray horses want to be brown, green, or black. They let us know their preference by rolling in whatever camouflage they can find, whether it’s fresh spring grass, an alluring pool of mud, or sadly, manure.

Since spring grass, brown mud, and manure are not accepted colors by any breed organization that I can think of, it falls upon we horse owners to get our horses cleaned up and back to their original colors before anyone else sees them […]

Deterring Tail-Chewing in Horses

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One thing most horse-people have in common, whether we rein or race, trail-ride or team pen — our horse’s tails must be long, flowing, and beautiful. We go to a lot of trouble to keep up our horse’s tails. Some people keep them braided and safe inside tail bags. Some people never brush a tail without spraying on detangler. Some people knot a tail up on a rainy day so that it doesn’t get muddy.

Which is what makes tail-chewing such an agonizing problem for the horseman. All of sudden, your horse’s flowing tail […]

Choosing Your Riding Arena’s Footing

The footing we provide our horses is one of the most important aspects of a riding arena. The amount of concussion the footing absorbs from the horse’s legs, the quality of its drainage, even its life as the particles are tramped down through daily use, are all variables to consider and all you should evaluate. How do you choose your riding arena’s footing? Here are a few initial items to consider when looking at footing options.

The climate will play a big role in choosing your ideal footing. Naturally in wet climates you’ll need […]

How Big Should a Horse Stall Be

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How Big Should a Horse Stall Be?

The standard size for a horse stall tends to be twelve feet by twelve feet. But is that the right size for every horse?

The twelve-foot wall standard comes from a simple calculation for the average 1,000-pound horse: the wall is about one and a half times the horse’s length. It accounts for allowing a horse to walk in a circle, to lie down and roll, and to sleep without getting cast constantly (although some horses just cast themselves no matter what you do!). This size is also a […]

Bitless Bridles

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Exploring a bitless bridle option for your horse? It’s become more and more common, with technical bridles hitting the market that are a step away from the traditional hackamores that once dominated the shelves. A horse might benefit from a bitless bridle for any number of behavioral or physical problems. These include head-shaking, bolting, tooth grinding, or bone spurs in the mouth. If a bit is causing your horse any sort of pain, you definitely have options.

So what’s out there? Let’s look at a few bitless bridles and how they work.

The Dr. Cook […]

Trilogy Barn and Stable Company

This is it! You’re going to build your dream barn. You’ve been on the Internet, clicking through Pinterest, admiring the equestrian palaces that the world’s luckiest equines call home, and picturing it all on your own plot of land. You know what you need: a center aisle with four stalls, perhaps, or a nice breezeway style barn with lots of fresh air and three bright stalls. Or maybe it’s time for a professional showplace stable, with plenty of room for all your clients’ horses, elegant fittings, and roomy tack rooms.

So how do you get from […]