Choosing a Weather Vane for Your Barn

Weather vanes, also known as weathervanes, wind vanes, or weather cocks, have been used for centuries to indicate the direction of the wind. Mounted as a fixture on barns and other buildings, weather vanes are practical tools that help farmers and ranchers make decisions about planting, harvesting, and other agricultural activities. As they gained popularity, these simple yet elegant devices became valuable decorative instruments that can add a classic and elegant touch to a building or facility. If you’re looking to add a weather vane to your barn or stable, there are a few things to consider before making […]

Interview with Oakland-based Artist Pryce Jones

5:46 pm

Pryce Jones is an Oakland-based painter, architectural designer, game developer, and a professor at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. With a unique abstract style of painting, Pryce reveals his interest in portraying black American life. Some of his more recent work also depicts the beauty of Nature and animals. We caught up with Pryce to learn more about his process, inspiration, and his unique journey as an artist.

Can you walk us through your journey as an artist?

I started drawing as a kid, and I have drawn my whole life. When I was a […]