Landscape Design

The visual beauty of a site should be enhanced by the development of the site. Landscape design involves careful siting of the buildings to work with the natural contours of the land; gentle reshaping of the land to create the use areas needed; artful placement of roads and fence lines; and new plantings to soften the introduction of structures.

Landscape materials are used to frame views, screen undesirable views, and modify the microclimate with shade and wind buffers. As part of the project we frequently design:

  • Entry gates
  • Signage
  • Water features
  • Trails
  • Viewing areas
  • Shade structures
  • Picnic areas
  • Plantings
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation

We also consult on pasture establishment, landscape restoration, wetland, and native planting projects. The goal is a healthy long-term environment for people and horses to enjoy.