Equilates: Improve Your Riding & Your Mind

6:56 pm

The first time I heard the term “equilates,” I thought it might be Pilates for horses.

In fact, it is Pilates developed specifically for those who ride horses.

It seems a couple of people claim to have coined the term and developed the system, but dressage champion, Betsy Steiner, has trademarked the term. Her website, Equilates, describes the method as:

“…the sport-specific training method developed by Betsy Steiner using the basic premises of Pilates: promoting elongation of the spine, muscular flexibility and balance, strengthening the core resulting in the relaxed concentration and flow needed to create the […]

Horse Barn Fire Prevention

9:21 pm

On the night of February 10, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln was awakened by a fire alarm outside the White House.

His bodyguard, Robert McBride, saw Lincoln dash across the space between the residence and the Treasury building—the stables containing the Lincoln family horses was on fire.

With the horses still inside, Lincoln “with his own hands burst open the stable door.” McBride reported that others standing nearby prevented Lincoln from entering the hopelessly-engulfed stables. Six horses died, and when McBride returned to the White House, he found Lincoln in tears.

Though that fire was determined to […]

Getting Horses Ready for Summer

6:54 pm

Have you ever spent time standing in one place in the cold for an extended period? Did you notice how when you moved again, your muscles felt stiff?

Multiply this by a winter’s length of time standing in a stall or moving slowly around a wet field. Now you know how your horse feels when you want to start riding more consistently with summer on the way.

Even if you ride year-round, if you’re in an area with highly changeable weather you probably ride indoors in the winter and less frequently. So how do you […]

Horse Technology

8:17 pm

Personal technology is something that has been overlooked by the horse industry, but that’s beginning to change, with some very useful results.

There are many innovative applications for mobile devices that can bring a lot of value both to the life of a horse owner and to the life of a horse. In this post we will highlight just a few. There are many out there, so explore, and talk to other equestrians.

TrailLogger, http://traillogger.com/

This is a simple, handy app that logs the time you spend riding. This can be useful for […]

Horse Barn Interior Safety

I’ve never seen any really egregious examples of bad practices for barn interiors. I’m talking about sharp corners, toxic materials, non-tempered glass and that sort of thing that could injure a horse when they’re in the barn.

Most of the shortcuts or less-than-ideal things I’ve seen in barn construction result from budgetary concerns and that is something that I understand. However, when you think about it, it’s not very difficult and often not expensive to keep your horse safe in the barn by following a few guidelines.

We don’t […]

Horse Tack: Saddle Care Quick Tips

9:17 pm

Whether you’re riding leather or synthetic, English or Australian, protecting and properly maintaining your saddle can add years, even decades, to the life of your saddle.

If you dig around a little you will find an abundance of information concerning saddle care. The trouble is, nearly every piece of advice seems to also come with a backdoor pitch for the latest oil, more effective brushes, or a new type of sealant. Let’s avoid name-brand products and clever acronyms and distill all the information down to a few key steps that will help your saddle last […]

Video: Keeping Your Horse from Tripping in the Stall

A sometimes overlooked item in barn building is door hardware.

Not just what the door is assembled with, which is a concern for horse health and should be factored in. But also how the door is moved.

Sliding doors in barns are optimal for a variety of reasons, space being one of the more important. Stall doors can be large and heavy and that means have secure rails and guides. But remember that your horse is going to be stepping through that space frequently. Innovative Equine Systems has come up with a great solution that you can see […]

To Tree or Not to Tree

That really is the question when you’re pasturing horses. Do you plant trees for shade for your horses and if so, what kind?

The typical bucolic scene of a horse farm is expected to include ancient giants their bending leafy branches toward the ground and your equine friends grazing happily beneath. It’s a lovely idea. Let’s look at the reality.

Trees can actually become a hazard to your horses in the pasture. If you live in an area with frequent thunderstorms with lightning that reaches the ground (which it often does), you don’t want […]

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