Horse Barn Interiors: A New Way to Care

You probably already know that bamboo now comes in many gorgeous forms that you can use in flooring, paneling, and other applications. You might also know that this versatile wood is a sustainable, renewable resource.

Did you know that it’s good for your horses? Not for food—for finish material in the barn.

Although panda’s eat bamboo, it would be hard for your horses to digest because it’s so woody. But we’re talking about surrounding your horses with finished bamboo in the stall. Take a look:

We loved this idea so much we started […]

Riding Arena Footing: Anatomy of a Forelimb

4:16 am

As we wrote about the importance of the proper footing for the kind of equine activity you’re engage in, we mentioned that poor footing can be hazardous to your horses health in many ways.

We wrote:

“The forces carried through your horse’s hoof during movement are tremendous. When the hoof strikes the riding surface, the response from the surface is either concussive, absorptive, or reflective.”

Watch this fascinating video, created by Dr. Jonathan Merritt for his Ph.D. dissertation and you’ll have a better sense of how those concussive forces are distributed by an extremely […]

Riding Arenas: Getting Your Footing

I’ll bet we’re not the only horse enthusiasts who find the biom echanics and forces of horse movement fascinating.

Some of the people who study such things are the people who develop footing for riding arenas.

What is Footing?

Footing is the term we use for the surface laid down for horses to move on during exercise or horse-riding events.

Competition to be the company that supplies footing for high-visibility equine events is fierce. This benefits all of us who love our horses because it means the development of better and better […]

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