Designing Your Barn Lounge With Clients in Mind

10:33 pm

When designing an equine facility that will offer boarding, training, and lessons, your indoor riding arena and barn lounge or viewing room become hubs of activity. They’re also important elements that can help to attract new clients, and they’ll see significant daily use, too. Your barn lounge serves many purposes, from a gathering place to a room where clients can warm up on cold winter days. When designing your lounge, consider these elements to create a space that’s functional, welcoming, and that appeals to your clients.

Consider the Lounge’s Uses

In most cases, your […]

Top Tips for Retiring Your Horse at Home

After years of riding and competing with your horse, he may arrive at a point where it’s time for him to retire. With retirement facilities few and far between, many horse owners decide to retire their horses at home. If you’ve decided that retiring your horse at home is right for you, then carefully planning out your facilities can contribute to your senior horse’s safety, well-being, and health. Consider the following tips when planning out your barn and pastures.

Stall Size

With issues like arthritis affecting an older horse’s ability to lie down […]

Five Steps to a Safer Stall

Your horse spends a large amount of his time in his stall, and anytime you put a horse in an enclosed space, there’s potential for him to get injured. Poorly designed stalls can lead to plenty of accidents, but many of these risks can be prevented through careful stall design and construction. Read on for details on how we recommend Equine Facility Design clients build their stalls for maximized safety.

Plan for Generously Sized Stalls

Starting with the right stall size can help to prevent casting, and can also keep your horses more comfortable. Stall size depends […]

How to Build Your Barn Aisle for Safety

When building a barn, safety of both horses and humans should always be a priority. Your barn aisle is one of the most heavily trafficked areas, but it’s also an area with the potential for significant accidents to occur. Many of these dangers can be reduced or prevented by building a barn aisle that’s designed to be as safe as possible. When planning and building a barn, consider the following important safety tips.

Choose an Appropriate Width and Height

An aisle that’s too narrow can increase the chance of accidents occurring and can make those […]

5 Steps to a Cleaner and Safer Feed Room

3:00 am

The time for spring cleaning is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start working on your feed room now. A clean feed room is also a safer feed room, and if your barn’s in need of a good cleaning, this is the perfect place to start. These five tips can help you to gain some space and some organization in this important room.

Start By Throwing Out Old Feed

A good cleaning needs to start with throwing out any old or expired feed. Take some time to check all of your […]

How to Manage Winter Mud and Ice Around Your Horse Farm

Winter makes caring for horses more challenging, and one of those biggest challenges is the mud and ice that the weather can bring. A slip on ice can be dangerous to both horses and humans, and mud also takes a toll on your horse’s health, affecting his hooves and potentially leading to scratches. Luckily, there are many ways that you can manage winter mud and ice around your horse farm.

Implement Paddock Drainage

The key to managing winter mud and ice is getting ahead of the issue, so before winter hits, implement paddock drainage solutions so that […]

Great Ways to Establish Privacy for Your Equestrian Property

8:00 am

Whether you’re building a new equestrian property or are purchasing existing property, you may need to find some ways to establish privacy. Barns and stables seem to naturally pique neighbors’ attention, and you may find that neighbors or passers-by start to wander down your driveway to greet the horses or see the barn. If you’re running a professional boarding barn, this comes with the territory, but if your property is private, these occurrences can become annoying and invasive.

Luckily, you can make some simple changes to discourage people from wandering onto the property, regaining your privacy in […]

Tips for Designing a Great Wash Stall

With spring upon us, it’ll be time to wash off muddy legs and prepare horses for show season. A wash stall or wash bay in your barn can make bathing easier and faster, but a poorly designed wash stall can cause problems and even be a safety issue. If you’re thinking of building a wash stall or wash bay in your barn, these tips can help you to design a wash area that you will love.

Consider Location

It’s best to plan your wash stall location when you initially plan your entire barn’s layout […]