5 Tips to Help Make Your Dream Barn into a Reality This Year

8:51 pm

A new year means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions – and what better resolution is there than to finally bring your dream barn to life? If you’re ready to build the stable, farm, or equestrian property of your dreams, these five tips can help you along the way.

Make a Wish List

Before you start, sit down and get all of your ideas on paper. Make sketches, lists of features you want – anything that can keep your thoughts organized. If you have photos of barns that you like, include those too. All of this information […]

Ways to Keep Your Arena Footing From Freezing This Winter

10:49 pm

It can be difficult to keep your horse in work through the winter with the unpredictable weather and the shorter daylight hours. But if your arena footing starts freezing, then it can prevent you from being able to work your horse at all, no matter how determined you are. These tips can help you to prevent your arena footing from freezing so you can continue to work and even get a jump on next year’s show season.

Start with a Quality Arena

If you’re building a facility, then you really need to invest in a quality […]

How and Why You Should Implement Rotational Grazing On Your Property

7:26 am

Are your pastures developing bare spots where horses are grazing the grass down so short it dies? When grass is grazed too much – below about 3 inches in height – it loses its nutritional quality, and even begins to die. Rotational grazing can help to prevent this, preserving and even improving the quality of your pastures.

How Rotational Grazing Can Help

When you implement rotational grazing, you are creating a system by which you rotate the areas in your pasture that your horses can access. By keeping horses off of particular areas, you allow the grass to grow back […]

How to Design Your Barn and Facility to Prevent Theft

7:15 am
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There’s a lot to consider when you build a barn and equine facility. Unfortunately, one of those factors that needs to be on your mind is the potential for theft. Each year horses and tack are stolen, but a few changes in how you build your stable can reduce the risk of theft. Consider these tips as you plan your equine facility.

Locate Your Barn Toward the Back of the Property

When you’re building a horse farm from scratch, you have the advantage of being able to lay out the property in whatever orientation you want […]

What You Need to Know About Quarantining a New Horse

With spring finally here, you may be thinking about buying a new horse or bringing new horses in to your training or boarding program. Do you have a quarantine program in place? If not, be sure to review these tips on quarantining a new horse to help keep your other horses both safe and healthy.

Why You Need to Quarantine a Horse

Quarantining a new horse should be a standard practice in any barn. When you bring in a new horse, whether it’s coming from an elite stable or from an auction house, you never know with […]

5 Tips for Coping with Springtime Mud

At long last, the snow is melting, the sun’s coming out, and it’s time to get back in the saddle! While horseback riders rejoice when spring finally arrives, the melting snow and April showers bring something that we also dread – mud. And lots of it. Mud can make doing even the most basic chores a challenge. If springtime mud is overwhelming your farm, these 5 tips can help.

Use Sacrifice Paddocks

If you’re not already using sacrifice paddocks, now is the time to start. Sacrifice paddocks give you a place to turn out your horses […]

Is Your Barn’s Electric System A Fire Hazard?

8:04 am

How much do you know about the electrical system that’s in your barn right now? Left unchecked or unmaintained, electrical systems can become barn fire hazards. How many of these important tips are you following to keep your electrical system safe and functional?

Make Sure Your Electrical System Is Adequate For Your Needs

When you first build your barn or first move into your barn, you need to give some thought to the ways that you will use electricity. Make a list of the items you use that will draw power, such as lights, a fridge, water […]

5 Tips to Create a Safer Barn Aisle

12:08 am

If you want to maximize the safety of the horses and handlers in your barn, there’s no better place to start than by focusing on your barn aisle. Poorly designed barn aisles can be dangerous, but they’re also often fixable. These five tips can help you to create a safer barn aisle.

Build the Aisle to Be Wide

When you build your barn, give some thought to an ideal aisle width. This will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your barn, its purpose, and how many horses and riders are likely to […]