What You Need to Know About Quarantining a New Horse

With spring finally here, you may be thinking about buying a new horse or bringing new horses in to your training or boarding program. Do you have a quarantine program in place? If not, be sure to review these tips on quarantining a new horse to help keep your other horses both safe and healthy.

Why You Need to Quarantine a Horse

Quarantining a new horse should be a standard practice in any barn. When you bring in a new horse, whether it’s coming from an elite stable or from an auction house, you never know with […]

5 Tips for Coping with Springtime Mud

At long last, the snow is melting, the sun’s coming out, and it’s time to get back in the saddle! While horseback riders rejoice when spring finally arrives, the melting snow and April showers bring something that we also dread – mud. And lots of it. Mud can make doing even the most basic chores a challenge. If springtime mud is overwhelming your farm, these 5 tips can help.

Use Sacrifice Paddocks

If you’re not already using sacrifice paddocks, now is the time to start. Sacrifice paddocks give you a place to turn out your horses […]

Is Your Barn’s Electric System A Fire Hazard?

8:04 am

How much do you know about the electrical system that’s in your barn right now? Left unchecked or unmaintained, electrical systems can become barn fire hazards. How many of these important tips are you following to keep your electrical system safe and functional?

Make Sure Your Electrical System Is Adequate For Your Needs

When you first build your barn or first move into your barn, you need to give some thought to the ways that you will use electricity. Make a list of the items you use that will draw power, such as lights, a fridge, water […]

5 Tips to Create a Safer Barn Aisle

12:08 am

If you want to maximize the safety of the horses and handlers in your barn, there’s no better place to start than by focusing on your barn aisle. Poorly designed barn aisles can be dangerous, but they’re also often fixable. These five tips can help you to create a safer barn aisle.

Build the Aisle to Be Wide

When you build your barn, give some thought to an ideal aisle width. This will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your barn, its purpose, and how many horses and riders are likely to […]

Six Quick Tips to Help You Winterize Your Barn

3:16 pm

Winter weather makes horse care more challenging, but the better prepared you are for the winter, the easier it will be. These six tips can help you to get your barn ready before the first snowstorm arrives.

1. Prepare for Rodents

As the temperature drops, rodents seek out warmer areas to live. This means your barn will be even more appealing than it normally is. In order to make your barn less appealing, clean up your feed room and make sure that all feeds and supplements are stored in rodent-proof containers.

You’ll also want to invest […]

Horse Barn Basics

7:02 am

What do you really need for your horse barn? Building a stable for your horses can feel like a monumental task. There are so many designs, many of which we’ve covered here at the blog. In fact, you’ll find links to our articles on center-aisle barns, raised center-aisle barns, and shed-row barns at the end of this post. But if you’re just starting to plan your horse barn design, we can get you started with some useful questions to consider.
1. How many horses should I keep on my property? You could […]

Controlling Birds in Your Horse Barn

Does your horse share space with birds? Barn swallows and other species of birds frequently set up shop in stables, especially those with high, lofty rafters and doors. While birds can keep down on insect populations around your farm, once they decide to move in, they’re not particularly good neighbors. Birds can spread salmonella, damage equipment, and even spark fires while they’re busily building nests and starting families in your barn. We have some tips on how to decide on the best way to get birds out of your barn.

Determine what kind of birds are living […]

Our Best Winter Horse Care Tips

5:28 am

The first day of winter is here, and yet many places in America have already been dealing with ice and snow! Winter horsemanship is not always the most fun. Taking care of horses in winter means a lot of time spent in freezing temperatures when it seems like everyone else in the world is cozy on the couch with hot cocoa and Netflix. There’s nothing quite like the words “polar vortex” to make an equestrian question their life choices!

Maybe that’s why we have so many articles centered around winter horse care tips at this blog. A search […]