5 Horse Toys for Your Bored Horse

by Matt

Is your horse stall-bound? Or does he get turned out alone, and spend his days walking the fence, whinnying, and generally being a pain? Some horses need more entertainment than a pile of hay or a swath of green grass. Luckily, modern horses can alleviate their boredom with horse toys. Here are five horse toys to liven up your bored horse’s life!

The Jolly Ball. It’s been around for decades, and the Jolly Ball (www.horsemenspride.com/products/) is still making a certain segment of the equine population (mainly the mouthy boys) very jolly indeed. A sturdy rubber ball with a handle on one end, you can toss the Jolly Ball into a paddock or stall (where it will get filthy, but you can just hose it off), or tie it up against a stall wall or door. Just make sure it’s tied high enough that your horse can’t loop his neck through the rope. Jolly Balls are tried and true entertainment for stalled horses — you’ll see them everywhere from dressage barns to racetrack shed-rows.

Equi-Spirit Balls. Is a ten inch Jolly Ball too tame for your bold steed? Try a 40” Equi-Spirit Ball (www.equi-spirit-toys.com). These giant horse toys are the source of hundreds of fabulous YouTube videos as horses of all ages and sizes try desperately to destroy them. Luckily, they appear pretty indestructible. You can use these balls in the riding ring, too, as they’re increasingly popular for bombproofing games of equine soccer in mounted police training sessions.

Likit Boredom Breakers and Snak-A-Balls. If your horse is more motivated by food than attacking giant balls, the sweet treats inside Likits might be your boredom answer. The Boredom Breaker (www.likit.us/treats-toys/boredom-breaker/)attaches to stall walls, and it keeps a horse busy working his way into the Likit treat insert. A Snak-A-Ball works well in paddocks, where a horse can nose his way after the Snak-A-Ball trying to get at the Likit treat insert, getting a little exercise along the way.

The Soda Bottle Filled With Sweet Feed. Are you old school? Does your horse destroy expensive toys? Consider the tried and true plastic bottle filled with sweet feed, hung from the stall ceiling with orange baling twine. Keep the grain fairly fresh, maybe poke a few holes in the bottle so the smell wafts out, and it’s quite likely you’ll have made yourself a horse toy every bit as enticing as a fancy store-bought toy.

From bouncy balls to sweet treats, there’s not much variety in the horse toy business, but there are certainly varying options of size and dependability. Keeping your horse happy and healthy is your first priority, so play around with those toys, and find out what works for your horse!

Have ypu found something that works for you? If so let us know!

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