Horse Technology

by Matt

Personal technology is something that has been overlooked by the horse industry, but that’s beginning to change, with some very useful results.

There are many innovative applications for mobile devices that can bring a lot of value both to the life of a horse owner and to the life of a horse. In this post we will highlight just a few. There are many out there, so explore, and talk to other equestrians.


This is a simple, handy app that logs the time you spend riding. This can be useful for horse owners who would like to officially keep track of their hours in the saddle, as many horse associations offer recognition based on hours logged.


While this is not an application specifically designed for horse owners, it has become very popular as it spans many possible uses. A few of our friends have been using this with great success, and enjoyment.


Knowing your horse’s weight is vital when evaluating things like medication and the amount of food he needs. If you don’t have immediate access to an actual livestock scale, you know that you have to guesstimate your horse’s weight. Not anymore! The equicalc app for iPhone helps you estimate your horse’s weight using a couple of simple measurements of your horse that you can take yourself. This application can help horse owners be more confident that they’re taking care of their horse in a way best suited to their individual needs.


This is yet another useful app for your iPhone that creates individually tailored plans for your horse’s parasite control, and automatically calculates the dates on which your horse will need deworming. It also keeps records and individual histories of each of your horses – all you have to do is plug in your horse’s name.

Silversand Horsemanship Foundation Skills,

As a co-op effort launched by and Silversand Horsemanship. Ahead of the curve on many levels, The Silversand Foundation Skills Series app specifically focuses on teaching horse owners how to understand the thinking and psychology of their horse. It includes video content showcasing Australian horse trainer Steve Halfpenny, an innovative leader in the industry, and helps build your horse’s confidence, which in turn strengthens the relationship between you and your horse. This type of understanding and empathy makes for an overall better experience for both horse and rider. Halfpenny is a master at seeing the world through a horse’s eyes, and has geared the series to teach the horse owner to understand this horse-centric view. The application is very thorough, each 1-hour episode featuring a principle in a progressive course of foundational skills for you and your horse to practice and master.

The Silversand website itself also features many other helpful, fun, and even funny applications utilizing Halfpenny’s philosophy. One entertaining application, called “What Horses Think,” uses advancements in “equine telepathy and horse telecommunications” to tell the inquisitive horse owner exactly what his horse’s thoughts are at any given moment.

Grey Horse Apps has a robust web site with lots to explore.

Do you have an idea for an application? There are some developers and sites out there offering places for you to submit ideas. Search them out during your web browsing and also learn of upcoming applications.

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