Fall Adventure: De-clutter Your Stables

by Matt

Recently, I read a blog on MyHorse Daily written by Jessica Hein, titled “Sprucing Up Your Horse Barn.”  She provides a 10-step guide to de-cluttering and organizing your stable in preparation for fall.

Because I enjoy cleaning out my closets several times a year and organizing my garage (always a daunting task) this article immediately grabbed my attention like dust to a microfiber cloth.

Although cleaning stables can seem like a massive undertaking, the suggestion is to tackle one thing at a time, or in my case, go full force when inspired!  For me, de-cluttering and getting organized is something I “actually” enjoy because I can visualize the end results.  I love how my place looks and how I feel when everything is neat and tidy.

Fall and spring are two of my favorite seasons and getting prepared is smart on many levels.  It’s the “what if” scenarios that fuel my enthusiasm for safety, access, convenience, cleanliness, reduced stress and joy that comes from turning chaos into order.  As a child, my mother would say, “it’s easier to pick up your things along the way then doing it all at once.”  It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s and started a family that those words rang true!  If it’s been a while since you pampered or spruced up your horse barn, consider it an adventure, take the plunge, go for it!  When it’s all said and done, sit back, enjoy a cup of hot tea, cider, or glass of red wine. Relish in a job well done and the feeling of being ready for fall.

Then, let the fun begin!

1.    Eliminate clutter

2.    Clean water troughs

3.    Streamline the feed room

4.    Compartmentalize the tack room

5.    Condition equipment

6.    De-clutter barn aisles

7.    Seasonalize horse clothing

8.    Clean out cobwebs and dust

9.    Eradicate barn pests

10. Check wiring, hinges, and mats

To view Jessica’s 10-step guide in detail, please go to here.

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