Run-In Sheds for Horses

by Matt

Climate is, of course, as much of a factor of comfort for your horse as it is for you.

The desire to take shelter from intense heat, biting wind, or a downpour is as natural for equines as for humans.

Not everyone can afford a full barn for their horses and there is a range of options that can fill the need. One is a pasture run-in. The run-in is an open structure that may or many not have storage or a feed bin. This allows your horse to get out of the weather at will without you having to bring them inside to a stable.

A popular design, especially when space is limited, is a building with stalls attached to a small covered area called a run. The set-up can be further configured by adding stall gates to limit or expand a horse’s options.

We recommend building a run off the stall with an extended roof over it. Your horse has the ability to go outside under the roof or further outside under the sky. It’s a progression of confinement: the stall, the run, a paddock, and the pasture. Ultimate equine flexibility.

Keep climate in mind. A run-in shed that converts to stalls with only a gate will not be nearly as cozy as a structure with walls and would not be a good option if warmth is a concern.

Some companies manufacture moveable sheds that might be ideal in some climates but would not work in areas of constant windy conditions. These types of structures can be dismantled or moved with a tractor to give pastures a rest.

The first consideration is your goal. What is the most important and economical thing you can do with your budget?

You can phase a project as well. You can grow your equine facility by planning for that from the beginning. Perhaps you can only afford the posts and the roof for a run-in but your desire is to eventually have a concrete aisle and tack room.

You can later add walls, concrete, electricity, and lighting. Design for that from day one and keep your dream in sight.

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