Equine Artists of North America

by Matt

Horses have been a source of inspiration and appeared in art works since the early days of humankind. From the prehistoric Lascaux cave paintings in France, to today’s equine-inspired architectural designs, the beauty, shape, and majesty of horses continue to inspire artists around the world. Today, we will be exploring the works of two contemporary equine artists in North America.

George Gospodinov: Equine Painter (Acrylic on Canvas)

George Gospodinov, a US-based equine artist who paints with acrylic on canvas, has been fascinated by the movements and elegance of horses since his early childhood.

George grew up in the countryside of Central Bulgaria. His family owned a horse which they used mostly for farm work. The animals at his farmhouse were the first models for his drawings. “At that time, I began to capture and to understand the movements the animals made, and their body language. Today, I am able to bring these memories back to life and to fill the empty spot in me that misses that living connection with my horse.”

George started painting as he began to see and understand the beauty of the world around him.  “When people look at my paintings, I want them to be able to see the world the way I see it – natural, beautiful, and colorful.”

When asked about what he believes the hardest part of creating a painting is, George, who usually uses a photo as a reference, responded: “It is challenging for me to determine the moment when a painting is finished, as I constantly see more and more ways to improve a painting. My challenge is not related to transferring the idea, the shape, or the movements. I feel that I should not focus too much on the detail in the painting so that it is not too full. On the other hand, I need to add just enough details so that the painting is not incomplete.”

George now does commission-based work for his clients and is currently planning his next exhibition, which will feature horses as the main theme.

Cedar Mueller: Equine & Wildlife Sculptor

Cedar Mueller, a Canadian artist who initially started her creative journey painting with acrylic on canvas, now creates unique life-sized scrap metal representations of equine and wildlife art. Her sculptures convey strong personality and are characterized by colorful pieces of metallic and recycled materials.

Having spent most of her life in the Chilcotin region of British Colombia, Mueller has been inspired by horses from her early childhood. Following a trip to the Dominican Republic, where she discovered metal sculptures of animals, Mueller began collecting old, rusted pieces of metal from nearby farms and ranches. She sought to learn welding from her neighbor who provided her with guidance in creating her first equine sculpture.

In an interview with the Crag and Canyon newspaper, the sculptor mentioned: “The rusted metal medium and the three dimensions brought a feeling and aliveness to the art that I felt my paintings did not.”

Some of Muller’s art pieces have been exhibited in public, and her famous life-size metal horse “Rusty” was displayed at the Castlegar Sculpturewalk, the Canadian Sculpture Capital. In 2016, she commissioned a sculpture for a new terminal building in the city of Medicine Hat airport. The theme proposed was “Transportation”, and she believed horses embodied that notion perfectly.

Today, Mueller’s work is available for purchase. She commissions work for personal inquiries as well as public projects.

Art Commission Projects:

For commission projects, see contact details below:

George Gospodinov – contact by email [email protected]
Cedar Mueller – https://www.cedarmueller.com/available-for-purchase

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