Three Helpful Apps for Tech-Savvy Horse Trainers

by Matt

Ready to get a little more work out of your phone? It’s good for more than Facebook and Instagram. With apps to help you organize your business, memorize your dressage tests, and even pack your trailer before a show, your smartphone can step up from fun device to functional helper — even in the most traditional of barns.

Recordkeeping: Keeping records straight around the barn can be challenging. A stable full of horses with different needs can require a constant whirlwind of visits from doctors, dentists, farriers, masseuses… you get the idea. Broodmares need their own set of daily records just to get and keep them in foal. A record-keeping app like Equisketch Records can help you keep track of all of your horses’ healthcare. You can even add photos to appointment records along with notes regarding the diagnosis and cost. Daily nutrition and vaccine records are also trackable. Equisketch Dressage and Equisketch Pets have similar functions, and can be purchased as a bundle for your Apple device.

Every Day Training: The basics are important for everyone, whether you have clocked years in the saddle or are just starting out. Get inspiration and quick reminders with 100 Things Your Horse Wants You To Know, an informative and fun app from author Elaine Heney. Beginners will benefit from useful tips and quizzes; more experienced riders will start their training day with some positive mental imagery. 100 Things Your Horse Wants You To Know is followed up by several training apps from the same author, including Groundwork, and Riding Exercises – Horsemanship Lessons.

Cross Country: For all your eventing needs, CourseWalk is the app that goes out on course with you, saves your minute markers and fence locations, and lets you study a custom-made map before your ride time. Working with MyCourseWalk to provide cross-country course maps online allows for plenty of interactivity before and after your ride, including ride analysis for both you and your horse.

Of course there are dozens of apps out there to help you maximize your time with your horses. Do you have a favorite equestrian app? Let us know in the comments!

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