Making Time for Downtime

by Matt

You know what they say — there’s no time for downtime with horses!

Whether they’re stalled or turned-out, horses are an endless source of chores.

The most dedicated horseman or horsewoman in the world isn’t immune to burn-out. The daily grind of morning feeding, stall cleaning, riding and training, and then doing it all over again in the evening can really wear a person down! That’s why it’s important to make some time for yourself.

Decompressing from your equestrian business might be as simple as having a hobby — one that isn’t horse-related. Collecting equine art can be lovely, but admit it: you’re not slipping away into another world when you gaze at your lovely new hunting print. You’re critiquing the painted horse’s conformation or analyzing the rider’s position.

Hunter rider/trainer Lainie Wimberly recently told readers of about her downtime: antiquing, historical novels, and horse-free vacations. Wimberly’s show stable of more than twenty-five horses is a daily demand, but, she says, since she made time in her life for decompression away from work, she’s healthier and happier.

Giving yourself some mental health time, whether it’s an hour in the evening with a novel or a week at the beach, will really pay off when you come back to the barn. You’ll be able to approach projects with a refreshed perspective, wonderful for problem-solving and planning. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your horse business is just to take a little time off!

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