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by Matt

It’s cold outside! Winter weather can put a damper on your riding and training schedule. Sometimes, it just makes more sense to curl up on the couch than tack up for a riding lesson on frozen ground in the howling wind. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can keep growing as a rider, trainer, and businessperson. Check out these online seminars and courses that are perfect for a little winter-time inspiration.


Equestrian Professional  offers horse business seminars and webinars that are designed to give you an edge in your business life. If you’ve been spending most of your time riding, mucking, feeding, and just generally doing barn chores, you’ve probably been neglecting your business education. And that could be to your farm’s detriment! Learn about bookkeeping, time management for equestrians, managing manure, equine business insurance — the things you need to keep your business thriving. Memberships are available on a monthly and annual basis at


The Horse  has a library of podcasts to keep you company whether you’re doing chores or hiding from the cold weather inside. With veterinarians, equestrian professionals, and specialists, these podcasts tackle topics from winter horse care to breeding genetics. Best of all, these podcasts are free! Add them to your smartphone for listening on the go, or check them out right from your laptop at


William Woods University  is offering a Master of Education degree in Equestrian Education — and it’s all online. This well-rounded program includes looks at the role of technology in equestrian education, equestrian program sustainability, event planning, and other topics that can lead to a successful and innovative equestrian program in your future. If the old model of “open a barn, hang up a sign that says riding lessons” isn’t doing it for you anymore, check out what this university has to offer on the future of equestrian business. Visit for more information.

Winter might feel like Mother Nature’s way of hitting the pause button, but your business life doesn’t have to take a break while the arena is snowed over. Get clicking and get inspired — the Internet is full of resources to give you a new edge for your equestrian business!

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