How Technology Can Help Keep You Safe While Riding

by Matt

It’s always safest to ride with someone else, but sometimes life happens and that isn’t always possible. However, getting help if you fall – especially if you’re unconscious or unable to reach your phone – poses a real problem for equestrians. Thanks to technology, though, you can take steps to prepare for this worst case scenario so that you’re still able to get the emergency help you need after a riding accident.

Ride With Me

The Ride With Me app is a free app developed by SmartPak. You’ll enter in some emergency contacts, and then when you activate the app as you start your ride, it will monitor your movement. If the app detects that you’ve stopped moving, it sounds a warning alarm that you can stop. If you don’t stop the alarm, the app will text your GPS location to your emergency contacts, letting them know that you need help. This app is available for iPhone.

Horse Rider SOS

The Horse Rider SOS app is available for both iPhone and Android. When you start your ride, you’ll open up and start the app. Then, the app tracks your location. As long as you continue to move forward and progress in your ride, the app simply monitors you. If you fall off of stop moving, the app recognizes that you’re in trouble and sets off a warning alarm. You can stop this alarm, but if the app doesn’t receive any response from you, it notifies your predetermined contacts that you need help. The app will send them your location so you can get the help you need.

Road ID

The Road ID app is a free app that can track your location as you ride. The app tracks your location as you ride and its Stationary Alert Notification can notify your friends and family if you stop moving. Your emergency contacts can see your progress on any web browser, and you can even create a lock screen that includes emergency contacts, allergies, medical conditions, and your blood type for emergency responders. This app is available for iPhone and Android.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 4 and higher has a fall detection feature that can summon help in an emergency. If the watch detects that you’ve fallen, it will display an alert, set off an alarm, and even tap you on the wrist. If you don’t dismiss the alert, or the watch detects that you haven’t been moving for a minute, it will automatically call emergency services and alert them to your location.


If you’re ever trail riding and fall off in a remote area, it can be difficult to direct rescuers to your location. The What Three Words app can help. This free app for iPhone and Android makes pinpointing an exact location easy. The app has divided the entire world into 3×3 meter squares, and each square is identified by a unique combination of three words. If you need help, you can activate the app, find the three words that identify your location, and provide those words to rescuers. Rescuers can access What3words on a computer, smartphone, or tablet browser, even if they haven’t downloaded the app.

These five apps and devices are must-haves for equestrians and can allow you to summon help, even if you’re unconscious. Do you currently use any of these options, and if not, will you be adding them to your riding routine?

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