Wild Turkey Farm – an Equine Facility Design Project

by Matt

Twenty years ago, Equine Facility Design started a new ambitious journey with a client to plan, design and build a new home for Wild Turkey Farm, a luxurious equine breeding and training facility in Wilsonville, Oregon. Initially bought in 2001 by Barb Ellison, the long-time horse breeder worked closely with EFD to renovate this Willamette River waterfront property for nearly 10 years. The project was completed in 2009, and with it came the promise of a successful elite breeding center. Today, this impressive 215-acre equestrian estate is preparing to change ownership and has recently been listed on Christie’s International Real Estate for a boasting $19.5 Million (horses not included!)

The Wild Turkey Farm project was an important milestone for EFD as a leader in barn designs and architecture. Together with Barb, the EFD team envisioned a spacious and functional design for a property that would later become one of the most established breeding and training facilities of its region.

We are grateful for the relationship with Barb and to be part of an operation that has continuously upheld high standards of ethical breeding, while bringing exciting opportunities for the equestrian community. We wish her the best on her next life chapter!

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Spacious, Timeless, and Functional

Wild Turkey Farm is currently home to 90 horses. This stunning estate features multiple horse barns, including a 15-stall retirement horse barn, a 22-stall training barn, a 6-stall stallion barn with laboratory and breeding room. Built with functionality in mind, the property also includes a 12-stall broodmare and foal barn with 12’ x 24’ stalls that can become 12’ x 12’ stalls at the time of weaning foals.

The owner’s personal hilltop residence boasts roughly 10,000sf of spacious, high ceiling rooms with a rustic and elegant feel. The property also includes an infinity pool overlooking the paddocks, pond, and a boat dock on the Willamette River.

A World-class Breeding & Training Program:

Over the years, Wild Turkey Farm has bred, trained, and produced world-renowned warmblood sport horses destined for international dressage and showjumping competitions. Visitors are welcome by appointment to view the stallions, mares, and foals available for sale. An impressive list of stallions with remarkable bloodlines are available for breeding, and a lab equipped with the latest technology handles an abundant number of requests from mare owners and aspiring breeders throughout the country.

For more information on Wild Turkey Farm facilities and services, please refer to the links below:
Visit Wild Turkey Farm’s website: https://wildturkeyfarm.com/
View the property listing: https://onebrokeroneworld.com/wild-turkey-farm/

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