Stable & Equine Facility Design

We are typically involved in three to four phases of work from the beginning of design to the completion of each stable, arena, or equine facility project.

Our Design Process

Research and Master Planning

Upon completion of this phase you have a site master plan for your project with existing conditions and planning requirements identified.

Design Development

At the completion of design development you have a site layout and preliminary building floor plans, exterior elevations, and building sections as well as preliminary cost estimates. At this point planning approvals may be required and we prepare the documents, sometimes with assistance of local consultants.

Construction Documentation

In this phase several other consultants may also be involved in the design, specification, and production of drawings and specifications complete for bidding by contractors and submission for any required building permits. Materials are specified and cost estimates are more specific.

Project Management and Consultation

Our participation during the construction process depends on the phasing, the involvement of the owner, and the contractors selected. The professionals involved in the design, drawings, and specifications are available to review the work in process and assist the owner in decision making throughout the project.


Every client, site, location, regulatory jurisdiction, and project budget is unique and therefore we do not sell stock plan designs, instead we design to your specific needs. We have renovated and designed residences; two stall stables, multiple hundred stall facilities, and everything in between. It is our policy to charge hourly for our services. We do consultations on an hourly basis, but for most long term projects we develop a scope of work which is an estimate of hours and fees and a written contract for professional services. There are many unpredictable elements which are not known at the beginning of a project, so the fees are estimated and reviewed at the beginning of each phase. Our project expenses, like printing, are billed in addition to the hourly fees.