Professional Services

The successful realization of quality projects stems from our mastery of a range of services in the residential and equestrian planning process. We often team with other professionals in a collaborative effort, either as project lead designer and manager or as a design consultant working with architectural and engineering firms. Equine Facility Design provides a number of services both nationally and internationally surrounding horse barn and facilities, residential, renovation, and landscape designs.

Feasibility Studies and Development Programs

We evaluate land intended for each individual project, taking in a number of factors in order to determine suitability. Our primary objective is to understand what our client wants, and then we move forward with a planned schedule based around those goals.

Site Research

Research is crucial in a successful project, and our research spans every aspect of each project from the land's physical condition to zoning and planning codes. This knowledge helps ensure a more accurate bid and design.

Site Planning

The goal of site planning is to review all the information gathered, and determine the most functional layout for your unique project.

Site Layout

This phase of the design process outlines the construction plans in detail including dimensioned plans.

Grading and Drainage Design

Topographic factors of the site are taken into consideration when determining the future structures grading and drainage. Our objective is to utilize the natural features of the land in the most effective and efficient manner for each unique site.

Equestrian Facility Designs for Barns, Arenas, Accessory Structures, and Residences

When finalizing your project we consider all aspects that will affect the health and safety of people and/or their horses. Whether it's new construction or renovation, we work with a structural engineer on all projects to review the architectural design of each structure.

Residential Design and Renovation

Building a new home, adding a room, or wish to renovate your residence? Here’s where we invite you to pull up a chair and get personal – after all, your home is a reflection of who you are and your interests; it’s your oasis. We like to start by learning the back story about the space, its use and purpose, and your vision for its future. Our goal is to make the process of renovating your space as smooth as possible.

Landscape Design

We want the landscape design surrounding your residence or equestrian facility to compliment the architectural beauty. Elements of beautiful landscape design can include tennis courts, pools, trails, viewing areas, and planting. We strive for a mixture of beauty and functionality to be enjoyed by people and horses.