Healthy Treats for Horses

by Matt

When you’re feeling like a change from carrots and apples, what are healthy treats to feed your horses? You could buy commercially-packaged horse “cookies” from the local feed store… or you could hit the produce aisle at your grocery store! Surprise your horse and tempt his tastebuds with these healthy treats for horses.

Bananas — Most horses absolutely love bananas, and they’ll eat them peel and all. Since bananas are full of potassium, they’re a great choice when your horse has a busy day, such as a horse show or long trail ride. Bananas are rich in phospholipids, which can aid in preventing acid damage to the stomach. Since ulcers affect a large percentage of stabled equines, a banana could be more than a tasty treat — they can have a positive impact on your horse’s gut health.

Dried figs and dates — In the Middle East, dried fruit like figs and dates were once a staple of a desert horse’s diet, and they’re still fed as treats and energy boosts for horses in that part of the world. High in fiber and potassium, plus a treasure trove of other vitamins and minerals, horses love their sweet taste. Be sure the dates are pitted before you offer them to your horse.

Grapes — If you like carrying treats during your ride or grooming sessions for easy rewards, grapes are a great natural choice. (Try freezing them during the summer!) Since they naturally come in tiny single-serve bites, it’s easy to hand off a grape for good behavior reinforcement without overdoing it and giving your horse a stomachache. Horses love their sweet flavor — just watch out for seeds and bits of vine when you’re handing them out.

Melon rinds — What to do with the leftover rind from a barn picnic? Save it for the horses! You can cut up rind into small bites and dish it out as a treat. Watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe rinds are all palatable (and delicious) for horses. And since they’re low in sugar, this is the perfect treat for a horse with Cushing’s or insulin resistance. Remember that no matter how much your horse might love a treat, it’s important to go easy on them. Just like any other new food you’re introducing, your horse’s gut doesn’t immediately know what to do with it. Upsetting the balance of the gut’s bacteria and microbes by suddenly giving your horse six bananas is going to end in a colic, even though the bananas themselves are full of healthy nutrients.

What treats do you feed your horses?

Additionally, as expressed by one of our readers and very important, people should never feed horses these or any treats if the horse does not belong to them.

21 responses on “Healthy Treats for Horses

  1. I share watermelon with my horses all the time. They LOVE it!

  2. Stacy says:

    Our horse loves strawberries and peaches!

  3. Kathryn Middleton says:

    Please remind people never to feed horses these treats or any treats if the horse does not belong to them. It could prove devastating, if not deadly to a horse if you do not know the specifics. For example, especially during the summer months, people vacation on the Outer Banks, or other places where there are wild horses. Wild horses do not eat these types of treats. There has been one equine fatality on the Outer Banks already this summer by someone feeding it something that they thought horses eat. Please post a warning to your article so that others are aware. Thank you.

  4. Brandie L. Kennedy says:

    Our horses get their food topped with whatever we had fixed to eat that day, all that has been mentioned plus fresh guacamole, pineapple etc… They seem to love any live foods.

    • Lola says:

      I make horse treats for my horses and put on top apple, carrot, polos, banana, beetroot, cucumber, celery, raisins, grapes, strawberries, pear, lettuce and watermelon rind. Are all of these okay for my horse? Also are dandelions okay for a horse to eat?

  5. Matt Johnson says:

    These are great treats for horses! We recommend checking new fruits and veggies before you feed them – some are toxic to horses or should be prepared a certain way. Try this link:

  6. Sue says:


  7. Krystl says:

    My horse loves most fruits and berries. His very most favorite thing ever is Blackberries! He will very gently pick each individual berry and savor each one ☺️. He also has stolen a burrito and a hamburger right out of an unsuspecting humans hands!

  8. Aisha says:

    Mine loves apples. Say, it was my first time giving him a couple of non pitted dates. Oops… will it result in something ugly?

  9. Ivana Split says:

    The only thing I only ever gave to horses or donkeys as treats (I’m not an owner myself) were apples and blackberries and they seem to really love both. Thanks for sharing, these are lovely ideas. I think I’ll try carrots too.

  10. Jo-Lee says:

    Can horses eat dried banana though?

  11. Aisha says:

    I came to think that we can give them whatever they fancy. Their instinct plays the essential role. Qaswa loves apples but is crazy about dates and watermelons. Arabs, who are known for their love of horses, feed them dates every day… wink… smile…

  12. Tina Johnson says:

    How many dates should you feed a horse if you want to incorporate them into thier feed and not just as a treat?

    • Matt Johnson says:

      Incorporating dates into your horse’s diet will depend on many factors, like your horse’s body condition, level of exercise, any medical conditions, and the other feed that he’s currently getting. It’s best to talk with an equine nutritionist. They’ll be able to help you create a feed program that’s just right for your individual horse’s needs.

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