Feasibility Studies

Before a piece of land is purchased or developed for equine use, we visit the site with the client to assess the suitability of the site with regard to access, topography, soils, drainage, microclimate, vegetation, availability of utilities, and surrounding uses. We may visit the local planning office to research the zoning and development issues; application process; and timing required to gain approval for the project. We assess the feasibility of the site in regard to the development program desired by the client.

Development Programs

Our first job is to listen to the client. We want to hear about your dreams, goals, and experiences with horses. By helping refine and clarify your visions, we can translate your ideas into specific, definable space, and use requirements. The development program would outline the area requirements of buildings and outdoor areas. We bring our experience of our work for you to see the practical and functional aspects, as well as aesthetic forms. Together, we discuss the priorities for development and logical sequencing of activities.