5 New Year’s Resolutions Perfect for Horse Owners

by Matt

If you’re still trying to figure out that perfect resolution, we might be able to help. We’ve come up with 5 great New Year’s resolutions that are perfect for horse owners. Take a look!

Learn Something New About Riding

No matter how much you know about riding, there’s always room to learn something new. Make learning more about riding one of your New Year’s resolutions this year. Take extra riding lessons, or attend a clinic and ride with a trainer that you’ve never worked with before. Invest in a new book or DVD on riding, and then make time to actually digest the material.

Push Your Boundaries

It’s easy to settle into our comfort zones, but we only grow and learn when we push ourselves out of them. Make it a goal to push your boundaries this year. Attend a horse show, ride in a clinic, go on a trail ride, or even start riding at a new barn or with a different trainer. Maybe you’ll join a local riding club or start a new horse-related career. There are so many ways to grow as both riders and horse owners – which option will you explore this year?

Ride More

Spend more time riding this year! It’s so easy for riding to get pushed down in the list of priorities, but spending quality time in the saddle is important for many reasons. From stress relief to physical activity, riding provides us with many benefits, so make sure that you maximize your saddle time in 2018.

Become a Fitter Rider

Many people resolve to lose weight each year, but these resolutions are also among the most commonly broken. Rather than resolving to lose weight, focus on becoming a fitter rider, instead. Maybe this means improving your core strength or your cardio capabilities. By focusing on becoming fitter for riding, you’re making yourself a better rider and making your horse’s job easier. Fitter riders are more effective riders, so both you and your horse will reap the rewards of this New Year’s resolution.

Make Your Dream Barn a Reality

Have you been dreaming of having the perfect home with the perfect barn in your backyard? Make 2018 the year you finally put those dreams into motion and make them into a reality. Whether your dream barn is a simple 4-stall barn where your personal horses can live, or whether you’re dreaming of a full equine facility to encompass your boarding and training program, Equine Facility Design can help.

As a professional design firm, Equine Facility Design can help you to translate your idea of your dream stable into a reality. Our services encompass all phases of your project, including feasibility studies, site research, site planning, residential and equestrian facility design, and more. We can see your project through the entire process, taking some of the management responsibility off of your shoulders. Please contact us today so we can help you get started.

2018 is a brand-new year. Which of these resolutions will you put to work?

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