6 Steps to Renting Out Your Barn on Airbnb for Additional Income

by equinearc

Converting a part of your barn into a charming Airbnb rental is a fantastic opportunity to diversify your income. Inspired by the success of Equine Facility Design’s client, Red Family Barn in Canton, Georgia, we have a few tips on how you can turn your barn into a profitable Airbnb listing:

  • Assessing and Planning:

Start by evaluating the part of your barn that can be converted without disrupting its primary function. It’s essential to ensure the space is accessible and safe, addressing any structural repairs needed for the roof, walls, and flooring. Planning the layout is crucial— you should design a space that includes a bedroom with sleeping area, a sitting area, kitchenette, and bathroom. Ensuring good ventilation and lighting will enhance the overall comfort and appeal of the rental.

Red Family Barn, located on an 8-acre site, is an excellent example of this planning phase done right. The owners built a barndominium that serves as both a family residence and a functional stable. The barn includes a six-stall stable with support spaces and 1,450 square feet of living space on the first floor. The second floor features a 2,160 square foot residence with decks on both sides, providing stunning views of the property. The latter also boasts an area for Airbnb rental – as per their website: “The place is also open to guests who need some soul time”.

  • Renovations for Comfort and Safety

Comfort upgrades are a must. Installing insulation, heating, and cooling systems will keep the barn comfortable year-round. Reliable Wi-Fi and entertainment options, such as a TV or board games, are also important. Safety measures should include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and up-to-code electrical systems. These steps will ensure your barn meets the standards of modern travelers.

  • Navigating Legal Requirements and Insurance

We recommend researching local zoning laws and building codes to ensure compliance, and obtain any necessary permits. Updating your insurance policy to cover the rental space and potential liabilities associated with hosting guests is also important to protect both you and your guests.

  • Adding Decoration and Personal Touches:

Decorate your barn to highlight its unique character and reflect your personality. You may incorporate elements like reclaimed wood, vintage farm tools, and cozy textiles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Choosing space-efficient furniture will make the area feel homey and comfortable. Consider offering fresh produce, eggs, or homemade jams from your farm as an extra touch. Farm-to-table meals or picnic baskets can be additional sources of income and enhance the guest experience.

  • Catering to Animal Owners

If your barn can accommodate animals, you have a unique selling point. Provide secure stalls, paddocks, and kennels for guests traveling with pets. Amenities such as spacious stalls for horses, fenced areas for dogs, and nearby trails for walks or rides will attract equestrians, dog owners, and other pet travelers looking for a hassle-free stay with their animals.

In the case of Red Family Barn, the listing caters to travelers with animals by offering horse boarding for an additional fee, making it an ideal stop for those hauling animals through the area. They provide secure pastures and are conveniently located near major highways, making it easy for guests to stop over.

  • Marketing Your Barn Stay

Invest in professional photography to showcase the charm and uniqueness of your barn stay. You can write a detailed and engaging description for your Airbnb listing, emphasizing the unique farm experience, comfortable accommodations, and special activities or offerings. You may also promote your barn stay on social media platforms and local tourism websites or boards, and encourage guests to share their experiences online and leave positive reviews.

With careful planning, thoughtful renovations, and a personal touch, your barn can become a popular choice for guests looking for a unique farm stay. It’s a rewarding opportunity to connect with interesting travelers and their pets while earning extra income.

For more information about Red Family Barn’s listing, head over to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RedFarmilyBarn/ .

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