Equestrian Art Shows

by Matt

Equestrian art:

it brings your passion for horses into the home, creating an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. (And, unlike bringing horses into your home, it distracts visitors from any messes, rather than adding to them.)

But equestrian art at the local mall is usually relegated to a few arty pieces of a Friesian-type horse prancing in place, or maybe a carousel horse at an antique shop. Where do you look for the next wonderful piece of artwork for your home?

Try these art shows and exhibitions, coming up in 2014. They feature the best in equestrian art from around the world.

The American Academy of Equine Art, appropriately based in Lexington, Kentucky, is a wonderful resource for finding that next great piece of artwork for your home. Annual exhibitions and sales provide one-stop shopping, while workshops and educational sessions encourage the next generation of equine artists. Their 2014 Spring Invitational Exhibition and Sale will be held April 18-May 30th at Spindletop Hall in Lexington. Their website is here: aaee.net.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom’s Society of Equestrian Artists is planning their fall exhibition, the Horse in Art 2014, from September 2-6, 2014, at the Mall Galleries, London. From sporting paintings to sculpture, some of the best in equestrian art will be featured. You can view galleries of member artists and find out more at equestrianartists.co.uk.

On the west coast, the Equine Dream Art Show and Sale will take place June 13-15 at Cal Expo in Sacramento, California. All sorts of media, depicting equestrian or western life, will be on display and available for purchase. As part of the Western States Horse Expo, you’ll be able to do more than update your home decor: it’s also a wonderful opportunity to attend clinics with internationally recognized horseman and horsewomen. Visit the website at horsexpo.com.

And there are many more. Our friend Jeffrey Terreson, jterreson.com, which we show at the header of this post, participates in many events around the New York City area.

Even if you are not ready to invest in art, going to shows, exhibits, and galleries is a worthwhile outing to see great work.

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  1. Do you also take photo images in your art shows?

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