Horse Show Live Streams, Where to Find Them

by Matt

The equestrian life doesn’t typically leave a lot of downtime. But we all need our moments of leisure, and they’re even better when we can count those precious moments as “work,” too. Plus, do we really need an excuse to watch more horses after we’ve come inside from working with our own?

Streaming horse shows has become a huge new source of fun and education for equestrians. Whether you’re watching a hunter round to take pointers from top riders, or just blowing off some steam with a cross-country feed from an Advanced horse trial, or pulling together some serious inspiration before heading out to do battle on your own horse show dreams, there’s a live stream on just about all the time.

An easy one-stop shop for horse shows is the USEF Network ( The official site for the United States Equestrian Federation, USEF Network offers live streams and archival footage from some of the nation’s biggest headliners, including wall-to-wall coverage of Devon Horse Show, Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, and FEI events such as Nations Cup show-jumping.

StreamhorseTV ( specializes in finding all the horse show live streams your heart could desire. Private shows that don’t find their way onto the USEF Network can be found here. The website’s calendar of events includes links, subscription information, and the stream’s cost (most are free). Breed shows, regional shows, and international events all show up on StreamhorseTV’s comprehensive calendar, meaning there’s nearly always something live for you to watch!

Next time you have an extra twenty minutes to yourself, why not make the most of it? Pull up a horse show live stream, watch a few rounds, and who knows — maybe you’ll feel inspired enough to go back out there and put in a little more time in the saddle! It’s not just watching TV: it’s investing in your equestrian career. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

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