Navigating Equine Law: The Role of Equine Attorneys and Why You Need One

by Matt

For anyone contemplating horse ownership, leasing, or engaging professionally in the equestrian industry, understanding the legal landscape that governs equine-related matters is non-negotiable. Equine law, with its intricacies and specific regulations, necessitates expert guidance to navigate effectively. This is where the critical role of equine attorneys comes into play- Here’s why every person involved in the equestrian world should consider having an equine attorney by their side :

Understanding the Legal Landscape

The equestrian world operates under specific regulations that govern businesses, stables, events, and more. Equine law covers a wide array of legal aspects, from liability concerns stemming from horse-related accidents to contractual intricacies and various disputes. Whether you’re managing a boarding stable, leading trail rides, or embarking on your journey as a new horse owner, specialized knowledge and expertise are essential for legal compliance and protection.

Enter the equine attorney—a specialized legal professional equipped with in-depth knowledge and experience of equine law and the equestrian industry.  Equine attorneys play a crucial role in mitigating risks by offering strategic counsel, understanding the nuances of liability laws, and drafting comprehensive agreements. With a deep understanding of the equine world, these professionals navigate the legal landscape to ensure strict compliance while safeguarding the interests of horse owners and professionals. They serve as invaluable guides, assisting horse owners, lessors, lessees, professionals and enthusiasts in understanding and resolving legal complexities while ensuring adherence to industry-specific regulations.

Choosing the Right Equine Attorney

Selecting an equine attorney is a pivotal decision for any horse owner or equestrian professional. We recommend seeking attorneys with a proven track record in equine law, robust expertise, and a profound understanding of the equestrian world.

One such prominent figure in the field is Polly Hey, a California-based equine attorney at Hey & Hey Attorneys at Law. Polly’s proven expertise has been instrumental in aiding clients in managing the legal aspects of equine-related matters, including equine litigation support, purchase & sales agreement, boarding contracts, breeding contracts, negligence claims, and equine business audits; amongst others.

Another well respected attorney is Oregon-based is Kathryn A. Hall PC. Kathryn’s extensive background as a rider, owner, breeder, and judge informs her legal approach. Her clientele includes amateurs and professionals involved in diverse equestrian disciplines across Oregon and Washington. With a focus on preventive legal care, Kathryn aims to assist clients in navigating contracts and negotiations, ensuring peace of mind before any potential legal issues arise.

These legal experts assist in mitigating risks by drafting solid contracts and offering strategic counsel tailored to the equestrian industry. Their role extends beyond mere legal representation; they act as partners in safeguarding the interests of horse owners, equestrian businesses, and professionals.

For those involved in or considering horse ownership or leasing, or simply if you have stakes in the equestrian industry, consulting with an equine attorney is not to be overlooked.

To consult with Polly Hey in California, visit the website:

You may also be interested in her YouTube channel where she provides many interesting tips about navigating equine law:

To consult with Kathryn A. Hall PC in Oregon and Washington, visit the website

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