Ways You Can Give Back to the Horse World

by Matt

The horse world gives us a lot. It’s a source of entertainment, enjoyment, competition, and even financial income. But for all that the horse world gives you, how much do you give back? Consider the following ways that you can help to support charities, horses in need, and even young riders.

Adopt a Rescue Horse

If you have an empty stall in your barn, you might want to adopt a rescue horse. Adopting a horse from a reputable rescue will make a difference not only in that horse’s life, but also in the life of the horse that the rescue can then take on because you’ve freed up a stall. By adopting, you’ll give a horse in need a chance at a new life in a loving home, and you’ll get to enjoy working with a new riding or competition partner.

Foster for a Rescue

If you can’t adopt a rescue horse, then consider fostering a horse for a rescue, instead. Many rescues will cover vet and farrier bills, while you’ll be responsible for a horse’s general care and upkeep. A foster situation is ideal for many reasons. It frees up a stall at a rescue, ensures that the horse gets the personal attention and training that it needs, and can help to prepare a horse to go to an adoptive home. You’ll benefit from having another horse to ride and work with, too.

Donate to Nonprofits

Making financial donations is an excellent way to support equine-related nonprofits whose cause you believe in. Some nonprofits may also accept donations of materials and supplies, including old tack and riding equipment. You can donate periodically or set up a recurring monthly donation to make even more of an impact.

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Host a Charity Horse Show

If your property is set up to do so, consider hosting a horse show and donating the profits to a designated equine charity. This can be a large undertaking, but if you’re already hosting shows, think about designating one of them as a charity show.

Volunteer at Equine Nonprofits

The equestrian world is full of volunteer opportunities. Consider helping out at a horse rescue, or volunteer to assist with your local 4-H club. Think about the different skills that you have that could help a nonprofit. Often, nonprofits are just as grateful for volunteers with office skills, grant writing and fundraising experience, and event management talents as they are for those volunteers who can offer hands-on help with horse care and handling.

Support Young Riders

There are also many ways that you can help to support young riders. Offering riders the opportunity to work in your barn in exchange for ride time is one of them. You might also offer up a horse for a free or low-cost lease. Acting as a mentor to young riders can also help them to navigate the equestrian world and encourage this younger generation to pursue and support this sport for years to come.

There are many ways to give back to the horse world – which of these options are your favorite?

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