Project Description:

Longview Horse Park – Kansas City, Missouri

At this 500 acre Jackson County owned site, there exists a horse show facility with stabling for 180 horses, two multi-discipline competition arenas, and a cross country course used for eventing and driving. Many different disciplines use the facility and it is booked solid throughout the outdoor show season. Equine Facility Design was retained to assess the existing conditions and tasked to provide equestrian facility planning and design, including a master plan and phasing for future improvements. Those improvements will include three additional outdoor horse riding arenas of various sizes and footings, additional stabling, site development of roads, parking, RV parking area, pathways, signage, and landscape elements. Equine Facility Design will be creating a rendered graphic master plan to be used for promotional and fundraising purposes along with a phasing plan and cost estimates. Initial master planning phase summer 2008.