Choosing a Weather Vane for Your Barn

by Matt

Weather vanes, also known as weathervanes, wind vanes, or weather cocks, have been used for centuries to indicate the direction of the wind. Mounted as a fixture on barns and other buildings, weather vanes are practical tools that help farmers and ranchers make decisions about planting, harvesting, and other agricultural activities. As they gained popularity, these simple yet elegant devices became valuable decorative instruments that can add a classic and elegant touch to a building or facility. If you’re looking to add a weather vane to your barn or stable, there are a few things to consider before making your purchase, including the choice of its material, design, and functionality.

What Material to Choose?

Weather vanes are typically made from copper, aluminum, stainless steel, or wood. Copper weather vanes are popular in barns due their durability and rust-resistant properties, making them a good option for areas with high humidity. Similarly, aluminum weather vanes are lightweight, weather-resistant, and a popular choice for modern and contemporary buildings due to their sleek and clean appearance, while generally being more affordable than other materials. Stainless steel weather vanes are durable and often used in commercial and industrial applications. In contrast, wooden weather vanes are well-suited for rustic or traditional-style structures and can be intricately hand-carved to create unique decorative pieces.

Design & Functionality:

While a weather vane is now often used for decorative purposes, its primary function is to indicate the direction of the wind. Placed at the highest point of a building, its position should allow it to rotate freely and point in the direction of the wind. The size of a weather vane should be proportional to the size of the building, ensuring it is noticeable from a distance, yet not excessively large to overpower the structure.

From animals to sports and simple directional arrows, there is an extensive range of designs to choose from. Ultimately, the design of your barn’s weather vane should reflect the lifestyle and type of activity carried out at your property. For example, a breeding farm owner may wish to include a weather vane depicting a mare with its foal. If the facilities’ activities are centered around ranching, a weather vane with a cowboy on horseback or a rodeo-themed design would be a suitable motif. Other potential designs could include horses, cows, bulls, or other ranch animals.

Where to Buy a Weather Vane:

When it comes to purchasing a weather vane, there are many options available online and in stores. One of Equine Facility Design’s recommended suppliers and artist in their own right is Westcoast Weather Vanes, a US-based company which creates hand-made copper weather vanes. Their offerings include a wide range of intricate designs, ranging from sports and leisure activities to mythological creatures. Westcoast Weather Vanes also caters to a broad spectrum of equestrian interests, such as specific horse breeds (i.e. Friesians, Arabians, Thoroughbreds) and disciplines (dressage, eventing, rodeo), so you can request a weather vane that matches your barn’s personality and activity.

By taking into account factors such as design, material, and functionality, you can ensure that the weather vane you choose not only complements the aesthetic of your building and reflects its purpose, but also effectively serves its practical function. Make sure to visit Westcoast Weather Vanes’s website for more information about their products and unique designs.

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