Choosing a Surveillance Camera for your Barn

2:14 pm

There are many benefits to owning a simple, or more complex, camera surveillance system at your barn. Whether you want to prevent theft and unwanted visitors at your barn or monitor a pregnant mare without interrupting your other responsibilities, you may be considering investing in a surveillance camera.

Different cameras are available on the market depending on your specific needs. For example, the ability to view camera footage remotely from your phone may be desirable for someone who wants immediate and real time information about what goes on at the barn. Having a camera that has clear night vision and […]

Choosing The Right Tractor for Your Farm

7:06 pm

Selecting the right tractor is one of the most important equipment decisions you will need to make in order to run your farm’s operations. As a significant investment, there are a few things to consider so that you can make an informed purchase decision. Below are some tips to help you choose the most suitable tractor for your needs while limiting unnecessary expenses.

The Size of Your Land:

Generally speaking, the size of your land or property will help determine the type of tractor and accessories needed. While a smaller piece of land may only require a […]

Spotlight on a Few Equestrian Brands Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future

11:31 pm

One of the macro-trends in the equestrian fashion industry is a focus towards environmentally friendly, sustainable practices. Equestrians around the world show a real demand for ethically sourced, organic products with transparent supply chains, and modern equestrian fashion is rapidly catching up to this trend. While adapting to new business practices can be a challenge for brands, it also provides exciting opportunities for new, innovative brands looking to differentiate themselves in an evolving market.

We have gathered below a few equestrian brands that are paving the way for a more sustainable future:

The New Horseware Ireland Eco-collection […]

3 Tech-Savvy Tips to Manage Your Barn More Efficiently

1:45 am

With digital transformation revolutionizing nearly every industry, it is only a matter of time before new technologies become part of our day-to-day in facilitating barn management activities. Some of the latest technological advances will help improve your barn operations so you can spend less time on chores and administration, and more time with your horses.

Smart Barn Technologies (App):

If you are familiar with the “Smart Home” concept, you will love the Smart Barn app. Managing your barn has never been easier, as this app uses smart technologies and devices to help barn managers operate different […]

Equine Artists of North America

9:20 pm

Horses have been a source of inspiration and appeared in art works since the early days of humankind. From the prehistoric Lascaux cave paintings in France, to today’s equine-inspired architectural designs, the beauty, shape, and majesty of horses continue to inspire artists around the world. Today, we will be exploring the works of two contemporary equine artists in North America.

George Gospodinov: Equine Painter (Acrylic on Canvas)

George Gospodinov, a US-based equine artist who paints with acrylic on canvas, has been fascinated by the movements and elegance of horses since his early childhood.

George grew […]

Five Steps to a Safer Stall

Your horse spends a large amount of his time in his stall, and anytime you put a horse in an enclosed space, there’s potential for him to get injured. Poorly designed stalls can lead to plenty of accidents, but many of these risks can be prevented through careful stall design and construction. Read on for details on how we recommend Equine Facility Design clients build their stalls for maximized safety.

Plan for Generously Sized Stalls

Starting with the right stall size can help to prevent casting, and can also keep your horses more comfortable. Stall size depends […]

How to Build Your Barn Aisle for Safety

When building a barn, safety of both horses and humans should always be a priority. Your barn aisle is one of the most heavily trafficked areas, but it’s also an area with the potential for significant accidents to occur. Many of these dangers can be reduced or prevented by building a barn aisle that’s designed to be as safe as possible. When planning and building a barn, consider the following important safety tips.

Choose an Appropriate Width and Height

An aisle that’s too narrow can increase the chance of accidents occurring and can make those […]

Equilume: Lighting the Way to a Better Barn

9:30 pm
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Traditionally, when you’re preparing mares for breeding or want to keep your performance horses from growing thick winter coats, you’d turn to your barn’s lighting for a solution. Leaving barn lights on overnight through the winter simulates the longer days of summer, tricking horses’ bodies and preventing some of their winter physical responses.

But leaving all of the lights on in your barn has its disadvantages, too, including a hefty electric bill. Equilume offers some practical and fascinating alternatives.

Equilume Stable Light

The Equilume Stable Light is based on the same idea of leaving your […]

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