Five Steps to a Safer Stall

Your horse spends a large amount of his time in his stall, and anytime you put a horse in an enclosed space, there’s potential for him to get injured. Poorly designed stalls can lead to plenty of accidents, but many of these risks can be prevented through careful stall design and construction. Read on for details on how we recommend Equine Facility Design clients build their stalls for maximized safety.

Plan for Generously Sized Stalls

Starting with the right stall size can help to prevent casting, and can also keep your horses more comfortable. Stall size depends […]

How to Build Your Barn Aisle for Safety

When building a barn, safety of both horses and humans should always be a priority. Your barn aisle is one of the most heavily trafficked areas, but it’s also an area with the potential for significant accidents to occur. Many of these dangers can be reduced or prevented by building a barn aisle that’s designed to be as safe as possible. When planning and building a barn, consider the following important safety tips.

Choose an Appropriate Width and Height

An aisle that’s too narrow can increase the chance of accidents occurring and can make those […]

Equilume: Lighting the Way to a Better Barn

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Traditionally, when you’re preparing mares for breeding or want to keep your performance horses from growing thick winter coats, you’d turn to your barn’s lighting for a solution. Leaving barn lights on overnight through the winter simulates the longer days of summer, tricking horses’ bodies and preventing some of their winter physical responses.

But leaving all of the lights on in your barn has its disadvantages, too, including a hefty electric bill. Equilume offers some practical and fascinating alternatives.

Equilume Stable Light

The Equilume Stable Light is based on the same idea of leaving your […]

Ways to Support Your Horse’s Respiratory Health This Spring

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Between spring cleaning, fresh hay in your barn, and the allergens in the air, prioritizing your horse’s respiratory health becomes more important than other. Whether you have a horse with known respiratory issues or want to simply keep all of your horses healthy, these tips can help.

Maximize Ventilation

Focus on providing plenty of ventilation within your barn. You can do this in multiple ways. Opening up all of your windows and doors can create cross-breezes, and using barn fans, if you have them, can help to generate airflow.

If you don’t yet have open […]

How to Manage Winter Mud and Ice Around Your Horse Farm

Winter makes caring for horses more challenging, and one of those biggest challenges is the mud and ice that the weather can bring. A slip on ice can be dangerous to both horses and humans, and mud also takes a toll on your horse’s health, affecting his hooves and potentially leading to scratches. Luckily, there are many ways that you can manage winter mud and ice around your horse farm.

Implement Paddock Drainage

The key to managing winter mud and ice is getting ahead of the issue, so before winter hits, implement paddock drainage solutions so that […]

How Technology Can Help Keep You Safe While Riding

8:30 pm

It’s always safest to ride with someone else, but sometimes life happens and that isn’t always possible. However, getting help if you fall – especially if you’re unconscious or unable to reach your phone – poses a real problem for equestrians. Thanks to technology, though, you can take steps to prepare for this worst case scenario so that you’re still able to get the emergency help you need after a riding accident.

Ride With Me

The Ride With Me app is a free app developed by SmartPak. You’ll enter in some emergency contacts, and then […]

How New Technology Can Alert You to a Colic Episode

10:55 pm

When it comes to colic episodes, the sooner you realize your horse is in trouble, the better the chance of your horse surviving the colic. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep a constant eye on your horse when he’s out to pasture or once you leave the barn to go to work or to go to sleep for the night.

Technology is stepping up to help horse owners monitor their horses for colic and health issues, even when they can’t be there with their horses in person. Consider using these four options in your barn.


The Pros and Cons of the Different Types of Fly Control for Your Stable

7:52 pm

Summer is here, but with it come the flies. When it comes to controlling flies in and around your barn, you have many different options. Choosing the right type of fly control for your stable will depend on a number of factors, and each fly management system has its own pros and cons. 

What You Need to Know About Different Types of Fly Control

Here are the details you should know about the different types of fly control options available. We’ve highlighted some of the most common options to help you get started. 

Fly Predators

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