Choosing a Surveillance Camera for your Barn

by Matt

There are many benefits to owning a simple, or more complex, camera surveillance system at your barn. Whether you want to prevent theft and unwanted visitors at your barn or monitor a pregnant mare without interrupting your other responsibilities, you may be considering investing in a surveillance camera.

Different cameras are available on the market depending on your specific needs. For example, the ability to view camera footage remotely from your phone may be desirable for someone who wants immediate and real time information about what goes on at the barn. Having a camera that has clear night vision and is weather resistant is also important if you plan on placing the camera in a poorly lit or outdoor area. Finally, if your barn doesn’t have an internet connection, you may want to factor that into your purchase by either getting a camera with a 3G or 4G network connectivity or by purchasing a large SD memory card for continuous recording and video playback.

Below are our top 3 picks for barn surveillance cameras to keep an eye on your animals and property:

Reolink Security Cameras:

Reolink has a wide range of outdoors surveillance cameras available to suit your needs. The Reolink Go 3G/4G is a wireless long-lasting battery and solar powered camera which provides image in 1080p full HD. Its advantage is that it can work anywhere and does not need Wi-Fi connectivity when equipped with its SIM card and cellular data. Since the camera operates on a 3G/4G network, it can record real-time footage of what is happening in your barn at any given moment. Its weatherproof design makes it flexible for both indoor and outdoors use as well as offering great night vision with a clear image for up to 33ft. The camera is equipped with motion sensitivity to maximize battery life and once activated the footage can be viewed to up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Alternatively, if you have WiFi available at your barn, the Reolink Argus 3 Pro operates similarly and provides higher image quality with 4K 4MP super HD. The device can send alerts when movement is detected and can record and save up to 128GB of footage when equipped with a micro SD card. This is also a great option to place at your stable or in your arena to record activities or lessons.

Barn Owl – Long Range Wireless Barn Camera:

The RangeCam 4G is a long range, battery-powered wireless barn camera that uses 3G/4G and LTE connectivity. The camera is activated by motion and allows for remote viewing with different surveillance options which can be pre-programmed, including a feature to receive photos and videos at specific intervals. This is a great option if you are expecting a pregnant mare to foal or if you want to keep an eye on a sick horse. The photos and videos can easily be transmitted to the Barn Owl app on your phone or tablet. Resistant to all weather conditions, the camera comes with both a wide-lens option to cover larger areas of your barn, or with a narrower and more focused lens for higher quality footage in a specific area.

Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera:

Equipped with IP66 weatherproof metal technology, the Zmodo camera is made to resist extreme weather conditions and temperatures. The quality of the footage is 1080p HD video and differentiates itself with excellent built-in night vision that makes details visible in the dark at distances up to 65 ft. Its antenna will allow a stable Wi-Fi connection and video recording for up to 800 ft. Motion alerts can also record and transfer data directly to the cloud at specific time intervals. Notifications can be put in place for barn owners to be alerted when humans, animals or vehicles are detected.

Whether taking the leap to install your first surveillance cameras or upgrading existing systems, there many options on the market that can cater to your needs. When selecting the camera that’s right for you, consider which features are most important or would be nice to have and find one that can be adapted to fulfill the function required. The affordable surveillance camera technologies available today will save you time, effort, and provide you peace of mind whenever you need it most!

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