Equestrianism, a Sport for All? Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Horse World

6:00 pm

Organizations can no longer deny that a focus on diversity and inclusion is essential to succeed and flourish, and the equestrian industry is no exception to this new standard. Unfortunately, the high cost of participating in equestrian sports means that it has been, for a long time, an activity reserved for the elite of predominantly white background. Today, many equestrians and organizations are advocating to promote inclusion and diversity in the horse world, in the hopes of one day making equestrianism a sport accessible for all.

In 2020, the US Equestrian Federation (USEF) publicly released the USEF Member Racial Demographics […]

Breaking News in the Equine World: Modern Domestic Horses’ Origins Revealed!

6:32 pm

Debates around where domesticated horses came from has been a hot topic in the horse world for many years. For a long time, we believed that our modern equine friends originated from Przewalski’s horses, a rare and endangered ‘distant cousin’ subspecies native to central Asia’s steppes. However, a 2018 research publication by Science revealed compelling evidence of bridling, including bit marks on teeth remains of Botai horses, originally from a region North Kazakhstan, approximately 5500 ago. These findings suggest that Botai horses shared close proximity to humans long before Przewalski’s horses were around.

Surprisingly, DNA analysis and […]