Video: Keeping Your Horse from Tripping in the Stall

A sometimes overlooked item in barn building is door hardware.

Not just what the door is assembled with, which is a concern for horse health and should be factored in. But also how the door is moved.

Sliding doors in barns are optimal for a variety of reasons, space being one of the more important. Stall doors can be large and heavy and that means have secure rails and guides. But remember that your horse is going to be stepping through that space frequently. Innovative Equine Systems has come up with a great solution that you can see […]

Equus: Life as Art

8:38 pm

Meeting Jeffrey Terreson in the wonderful Cutter & Cutter Art Gallery in St. Augustine, Florida this year was an amazing moment for me.

I’m a horse person and he paints the most beautiful images of equines I’ve ever seen. But a more amazing story is how Jeffrey got there.

Jeffrey has been an artist all his life. Like many artists, a devotion to art means years of struggle but he never gave up. “I’m 55 and I’m still friends with this remarkable teacher I had in high school, Harold Witherspoon. He’s the one […]