The Horse: A Powerful Symbol in Marketing

1:22 am

Horses have been used as a symbol of power, beauty, and nobility for many centuries. They have been depicted in ancient art forms and have inspired creative souls long before the notion of marketing existed. Today, the horse is considered a staple in various brand marketing strategies and commercials; a trend seen across many industries around the world. From fashion, lifestyle, luxury goods, and even financial services, horses have forged a place in marketing for brands to appeal as trustworthy and powerful allies to their target audience.

The Automobile Industry & Horses:

Some of the most recognizable car […]

How to ‘Potty Train’ Your Horse Using Stud Piles

7:08 pm
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Maintaining a clean pasture and keeping the area clear of droppings is an important step in ensuring the wellbeing of your horse. With an average of 15-20 bowel movements per day, generating up to 50lb of manure, cleaning up after your horse can quickly become a labor-intensive activity, making manure management feel like a never-ending clearance chore!

To recognize horses’ poop habits, it is useful to understand their behavior in their natural habitat. In the same way that dogs urinate to mark their territory, stallions in the wild use ‘stud piles’ as ‘elimination marking behavior’. By leaving […]