Should You Vaccinate Your Horse Yourself?

7:04 am

It can be tempting to vaccinate your horse yourself, especially if you have a stable full of horses and are looking to save some money. But vaccinating your horse on your own brings a number of concerns and potential issues. Below are a few points that you’ll want to consider when making that decision.

Wellness Appointments Are a Chance to Check In With Your Vet

Annual wellness appointments don’t just serve as a chance to get your horse vaccinated. They’re also a chance to check in with your vet, have your vet evaluate your horse […]

What You Need to Know About Quarantining a New Horse

With spring finally here, you may be thinking about buying a new horse or bringing new horses in to your training or boarding program. Do you have a quarantine program in place? If not, be sure to review these tips on quarantining a new horse to help keep your other horses both safe and healthy.

Why You Need to Quarantine a Horse

Quarantining a new horse should be a standard practice in any barn. When you bring in a new horse, whether it’s coming from an elite stable or from an auction house, you never know with […]