How to Design Your Barn and Facility to Prevent Theft

7:15 am
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There’s a lot to consider when you build a barn and equine facility. Unfortunately, one of those factors that needs to be on your mind is the potential for theft. Each year horses and tack are stolen, but a few changes in how you build your stable can reduce the risk of theft. Consider these tips as you plan your equine facility.

Locate Your Barn Toward the Back of the Property

When you’re building a horse farm from scratch, you have the advantage of being able to lay out the property in whatever orientation you want […]

5 Tips to Make Your Horse’s First Show a Success

7:08 am

You’ve spent countless hours riding, training, and preparing your horse for his first horse show. But before you load up and head out to the show grounds, take a moment and review these five tips. These tips can help to make your horse’s first show a success.

Prepare at Home

Your preparation for a successful first horse show needs to begin at home. Start by exposing your horse to the types of situations that he’ll need to cope with on a busy show day. Ride or handle him in a ring with multiple other horses […]