How Technology Can Help Keep You Safe While Riding

8:30 pm

It’s always safest to ride with someone else, but sometimes life happens and that isn’t always possible. However, getting help if you fall – especially if you’re unconscious or unable to reach your phone – poses a real problem for equestrians. Thanks to technology, though, you can take steps to prepare for this worst case scenario so that you’re still able to get the emergency help you need after a riding accident.

Ride With Me

The Ride With Me app is a free app developed by SmartPak. You’ll enter in some emergency contacts, and then […]

How New Technology Can Alert You to a Colic Episode

10:55 pm

When it comes to colic episodes, the sooner you realize your horse is in trouble, the better the chance of your horse surviving the colic. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep a constant eye on your horse when he’s out to pasture or once you leave the barn to go to work or to go to sleep for the night.

Technology is stepping up to help horse owners monitor their horses for colic and health issues, even when they can’t be there with their horses in person. Consider using these four options in your barn.