Wild Turkey Farm – an Equine Facility Design Project

11:36 pm

Twenty years ago, Equine Facility Design started a new ambitious journey with a client to plan, design and build a new home for Wild Turkey Farm, a luxurious equine breeding and training facility in Wilsonville, Oregon. Initially bought in 2001 by Barb Ellison, the long-time horse breeder worked closely with EFD to renovate this Willamette River waterfront property for nearly 10 years. The project was completed in 2009, and with it came the promise of a successful elite breeding center. Today, this impressive 215-acre equestrian estate is preparing to change ownership and has recently been listed on Christie […]

Composting Horse Manure

One constant dilemma facing horse owners, no matter what your discipline, is manure disposal. Horses create manure continuously, and it has to go somewhere. The ubiquitous manure pile that so many barns have used over the years is, unfortunately, a less attractive and useful option as farm properties grow smaller and closer to their neighbors, and as municipalities and water management boards seek to discourage run-off into streams, rivers, and aquifers. What to do with all that manure just piling up?

Try composting!

Compost can create useful, nutritious soil amendment out of manure — truly turning a problem into a […]