Dejan Zdravković Interview

4:50 pm
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Meet Dejan Zdravković, the artistic mind behind Dejan-Art. From a childhood in his grandfather’s carpentry workshop to becoming the founder of an art company specializing in unique sculptures, notably his iconic horse head wood carvings, Dejan’s artistic journey reflects his passion and dedication. We caught up with Dejan to explore his inspirations and gain insights into his process of crafting these beautiful sculptures using a variety of materials.

Can you share a bit about your background and how your journey as an artist began?

“I was born on November 24, 1987 in small town in […]

7 Tips to Name Your Foal in 2024

5:51 pm

Welcoming a new foal into the world is a thrilling journey cherished by every horse owner. With the 2024 foaling season around the corner, breeders anticipate one of most significant and exciting decisions of the year: choosing the perfect name for their new foals! Did you know that certain breeds have traditions where foals are named based on the first letter corresponding to the year of their birth? For instance, breeds like Thoroughbreds or Standardbreds often associate each year with a specific letter for naming foals.

Naming a foal is a quest to define its personality, pedigree, or highlight a […]