Should You Feed Raw Grains

3:04 pm

Should you feed raw grains to horses?

With the rise in news stories about contaminated horse feed, some horse owners are starting to consider feeding raw, unprocessed grains to their horses instead of pellets or sweet feed. While any big change in feeding regimen should be discussed with your veterinarian, let’s look at some of the advantages, and disadvantages, to some popular raw grains.

Corn: Corn is often an affordable grain that many horsemen might already be using to supplement their sweet feed. High-starch and high-calorie, corn can create a rapid burst of energy followed […]

Three Celebrities Who Celebrate the Horse

7:08 am
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Awards season is wrapping up, and that’s probably great news if you’re a celebrity horse owner. After all, late-night partying and getting out to the barn for an early morning ride probably don’t go hand-in-hand. While horses might be a status symbol for some, there are a few A-listers out there who rank their horses number one, and they’re using their high profiles to make a difference for horses everywhere.

Bo Derek rose to fame wearing a swimsuit, but these days, she’s just as well-known for wearing jeans and riding […]

Online Education

4:36 pm

It’s cold outside! Winter weather can put a damper on your riding and training schedule. Sometimes, it just makes more sense to curl up on the couch than tack up for a riding lesson on frozen ground in the howling wind. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can keep growing as a rider, trainer, and businessperson. Check out these online seminars and courses that are perfect for a little winter-time inspiration.


Equestrian Professional  offers horse business seminars and webinars […]

Three Ways Equestrians Can Go Green in 2015

It’s not too late for a New Year’s Resolution! 2015 is young, and there is always time to start on a new goal or kick some habits to the curb for the year. Here’s a suggestion: this year, look at ways to go green in 2015. From your bedding to your grooming tools to your whole stable, there are plenty of new ways to add an eco-friendly focus to your daily equestrian routine.
Green Level: Easy — All-Natural Fly Spray. We’ll be the first to admit that sometimes, it takes chemicals to knock […]

Composting Horse Manure

One constant dilemma facing horse owners, no matter what your discipline, is manure disposal. Horses create manure continuously, and it has to go somewhere. The ubiquitous manure pile that so many barns have used over the years is, unfortunately, a less attractive and useful option as farm properties grow smaller and closer to their neighbors, and as municipalities and water management boards seek to discourage run-off into streams, rivers, and aquifers. What to do with all that manure just piling up?

Try composting!

Compost can create useful, nutritious soil amendment out of manure — truly turning a problem into a […]