Equilume: Lighting the Way to a Better Barn

9:30 pm
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Traditionally, when you’re preparing mares for breeding or want to keep your performance horses from growing thick winter coats, you’d turn to your barn’s lighting for a solution. Leaving barn lights on overnight through the winter simulates the longer days of summer, tricking horses’ bodies and preventing some of their winter physical responses.

But leaving all of the lights on in your barn has its disadvantages, too, including a hefty electric bill. Equilume offers some practical and fascinating alternatives.

Equilume Stable Light

The Equilume Stable Light is based on the same idea of leaving your […]

Ways to Make the Most of a Shorter Show Season

4:07 pm

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the 2020 show season. Horse shows have been canceled and postponed, and your show schedule is probably still uncertain. The entire season doesn’t have to be a loss, though. Use these four strategies to make the most of the show season, even if it’s not quite as you’d planned it.

Be Flexible

You may have already planned out your entire show season, only to be slowly checking canceled shows off of your list. If you want to make the most of this season, start by reminding yourself to […]