Great Ways to Establish Privacy for Your Equestrian Property

by Matt

Whether you’re building a new equestrian property or are purchasing existing property, you may need to find some ways to establish privacy. Barns and stables seem to naturally pique neighbors’ attention, and you may find that neighbors or passers-by start to wander down your driveway to greet the horses or see the barn. If you’re running a professional boarding barn, this comes with the territory, but if your property is private, these occurrences can become annoying and invasive.

Luckily, you can make some simple changes to discourage people from wandering onto the property, regaining your privacy in the process.

Keep Horses Away From the Road

Horses are a major attraction, and who could blame anyone for being drawn to these amazing animals? But when horses are attracting unwanted visitors on your property, it can create a problem.

When you plan your horse property, try to avoid locating pastures close to the road. Instead, locate your pastures so that they are back behind your house and barn.

If you must use the space in the front of your property, then invest in two lines of fencing. Your pasture fencing will serve to keep your horses contained, while another line of fencing in front of your pastures can help to keep people from accessing and feeding your horses.

Use Landscaping Creatively

When adding privacy to your equine property, creative landscaping is an excellent option. Planting trees and bushes can create a natural privacy fence, shielding your property from your neighbors. To get a jump on the process, purchase trees and shrubs which are already established, and which will then further grow into a thicker barrier.

Install a Perimeter Fence

A perimeter fence can help to truly establish the fact that your property is private. Additionally, a perimeter fence is an important safety measure, since it can keep loose horses contained on your property.

Many property owners opt to complete the fence with an entrance gate, which is a good way to add both privacy and security.

Put Up a “Private Farm” Sign

Many people assume that all equestrian facilities are public, so if you have a private barn, you may need to do a little extra work to ensure it stays that way. “Private Farm” signs don’t have to be tacky. Consider having a sign designer or artist create an elegant looking sign that gets your point across while still being tasteful. It should help to cut down on the number of unwanted visitors.

We have developed a couple signs ourselves for our clients and also keep adding ideas to our Pinterest Board dedicated to farm names and signs.

None of these changes listed above are too complicated, but each can make a difference in establishing privacy for your farm. While you can’t relocate your farm to a more secluded or private area, these modifications can help to make your property feel more like your own.

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