Magazine Review: Equestrian Quarterly – Celebrating Country Life

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Magazine Review: Equestrian Quarterly

Do you ever find yourself thinking you signed up for the “Town and Country” life, but ended up with Green Acres (and speaking for myself, with a little Minnie Pearl vibe) instead?  Do you imagine yourself with shiny, perfectly groomed, well bred steeds in the fanciest of stables but when you walk out to the barn you find sweaty, dirty and frankly backyard bred (albeit beloved) mutts living in what could hardly be referred to as a ‘stable‘?  And like me, do you think of yourself as leading a Ralph Lauren life and are shocked every time you look in the mirror and discover you are looking at Minnie Pearl?

Well, if you need to put reality aside for a moment, and live in your fantasy, then Equestrian Quarterly is the magazine for you.  I know it is just what I needed right now as I am wondering why I ever chose this life.  While my friends are lounging around their pools drinking ice tea (or at least that is what I think they are doing), I am in the midst of lawn mowing and stall cleaning on this hot summer day.

So I am going to take a break, pour myself a tall glass of ice tea, and peruse the latest issue – and immerse myself in the life and luxury of upscale equestrian life.  And after I put this beautiful magazine down, I am going to go back outside and appreciate my life, while not one that will ever show up on the pages of this magazine, it is still mine.  But I might find myself dreaming, just a little, if only I could just remodel, hire, buy ….  And if you are living a life like those found on the pages of this magazine, lucky you,  maybe we will see your picture inside its cover one of these days.

Enjoy the read, I can hardly wait for the next one.  And Matt Johnson,  of Equine Facility Design:  I hope I see your creations on it’s pages someday.  And Donna Dufresne, of Donna Dufresne Design: as a former hunter/jumper and now a wonderful designer who caught my vision for creating my own ‘country life‘, I know you will appreciate this publication as well.  So I am signing you both up for subscriptions when I order mine as a thank you gift for providing me with such excellent professional assistance on my project.   I appreciate your help, your honesty, and most of all, your friendship.

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