3 Tech-Savvy Tips to Manage Your Barn More Efficiently

by Matt

With digital transformation revolutionizing nearly every industry, it is only a matter of time before new technologies become part of our day-to-day in facilitating barn management activities. Some of the latest technological advances will help improve your barn operations so you can spend less time on chores and administration, and more time with your horses.

Smart Barn Technologies (App):

If you are familiar with the “Smart Home” concept, you will love the Smart Barn app. Managing your barn has never been easier, as this app uses smart technologies and devices to help barn managers operate different tasks. Some of its features include equipment record maintenance, tracking horse stalls occupation, as well as feeding and treatment schedules for each horse. The app also makes it easier to communicate and stay coordinated with other equestrians at the barn, keeping everyone up to date on the ongoing tasks and activities.

The Smart Barn app is free and is currently available on iPad and web login. Additionally, it is integrated with “The Equestrian App” and “The Mounting Block App”, which share login access and information on horses, contacts, calendar, equipment, and tasks.

To download the Smart Barn App, visit: https://smartbarn.com

The Stable Secretary (App):

This equine record keeping app will not only store all of your important information safely, it is also a great tool for keeping track of your barn’s finances and billings. The Stable Secretary can generate customized reports on finances and analytics, track payments received, while also offering payment solutions. Activities, equine health and breeding records, as well as other data points can be saved, organized, and recorded. Relevant information can be shared with an unlimited number of team members and can be accessible from anywhere.

This app is available for iOS and Android, and offers different tiers of services at affordable prices.

For more information and to download the Stable Secretary App, go to:  https://stablesecretary.com/

ACTIVE CLEANER (App-Controlled Manure Remover):

All horse owners will agree that manure removal is a time and energy consuming chore. Indeed, finding an efficient manure management system for your barn can sometimes be challenging. But what if you could automate this process? With the new ACTIVE CLEANER by HIT Active Stable® , you could be getting a lot of that time and energy back! This 150 lb app-controlled manure removal robot works on a surface of up to 16 000 ft2 and is programmed to automatically clean waste surfaces. Equipped with a camera that detects manure, its integrated software will automatically conduct the ACTIVE CLEANER to collect the waste, before unloading it onto a designated pile. What’s more? The ACTIVE CLEANER recharges itself at regular intervals via ground contact through its own charging station, making this innovative little robot essentially fully automated. Keep an eye out as this product will be available in 2022 and is set to revolutionize horse farming!

For more information, go to: https://aktivstall.de/en/

While there are new apps and technologies emerging regularly on the market, being up to date on the latest trends will give an edge to barn owners and managers, helping them become more efficient in managing their daily chores and administrative duties.

Are you using any digital technology at your barn? Please share your experience in the comments – we would love to hear your feedback!

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