Riding Arenas: Getting Your Footing

I’ll bet we’re not the only horse enthusiasts who find the biom echanics and forces of horse movement fascinating.

Some of the people who study such things are the people who develop footing for riding arenas.

What is Footing?

Footing is the term we use for the surface laid down for horses to move on during exercise or horse-riding events.

Competition to be the company that supplies footing for high-visibility equine events is fierce. This benefits all of us who love our horses because it means the development of better and better […]

ArenaSlide – Riding Arena Window

Can you imagine your riding arena with this beautiful sliding window?

You could almost feel like Zorro (or at least like Antonio Banderas) riding in and out of the Lair of the Fox.

Only Zorro didn’t actually have a door this cool.

And this is not a door.

This sliding window is an alternative to shutters or garage doors to provide ventilation and daylight in your arena. I have to say that we’re pretty proud of the new window, created with our friends at Real Carriage Doors. Take a look […]

Riding Arenas: Best Practices

10:13 pm

This time of the year, the best option in many parts of the U.S. for training, exercising, and generally spending time with your beloved equine is to head for the indoor arena. (In the southern hemisphere, it’s summer!)

To remain on good terms with our horse-riding community, let’s review the rules of etiquette for any horse riding arena that is big enough to handle multiple riders at once.

Always remember that the first rule is to follow any posted rules.

What time to ride

Any large arena frequently used for multiple riders […]

The Riding Arena: Year-Around Equine Enjoyment

12:31 am

We’re going to talk a lot about arenas in the coming months. We love to use them, we love to design them, and there’s more to use and design than meets the eye.

Riding Arena Utility

A covered riding arena immediately opens up your equestrian activities, whether they be dressage, jumping, or just exercise and fun, as something to be enjoyed throughout the year, rather than only in the summer months when the sun is shining.

It’s also much harder to come up with excuses to not spend time with your horse if […]

Jimmy, Put the Horses in the Barn … er … Stable

3:19 am

If a farmer fills his barn with grain, he gets mice. If he leaves it empty, he gets actors.”
-Sir Walter Scott

The stable wears out a horse more than the road.”
-French Proverb

Aside from amusing us, the quotes above actually tell us something about the difference between a barn and a stable. The essential difference revealed is that stables are for horses (and other domestic animals) and barns are for actors.

Ok, not really for actors. But clearly the idea is that barns are considered multi-purpose structures and stables are for horses. You […]

Design the Stable for You & Your Horse

The design of a stable can have a huge impact on your horse’s health.

Horses can injure themselves in ways you’d never think of while in what seems like the relative safety of their stalls. And you can actually injure yourself in a poorly designed barn and stable.

There are solutions.

How many times have you visualized your dream stable? Have you even drawn it? Discussed it with an architect? Many of our clients have. The process then becomes getting that dream onto paper so we can engineer and construct it for you.

If you have […]

Equine Facilities LEEDs the Way

9:58 pm

Should You Consider LEED?

When you plan a new barn, arena, or other horse facility, should you include LEED standards in your thinking? What are the benefits of LEED when building equine facilities?

LEED (or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a third-party green building certification that is recognized worldwide. It is primarily directed at residential, commercial, office, school, and health care buildings constructed or renovated in urban environments. Many of our clients have heard of LEED and wonder if it is something they should consider.

LEED is a voluntary certification and is primarily used for […]

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