Run-in Sheds

10:46 pm

Your horse has a stable for shelter. Your horse has a pasture. But does your horse have a shelter in the pasture?

Run-in sheds, or loafing sheds, are a necessity for many turn-out areas. Horses need to be able to get shelter from heavy weather or excessive heat or frigid winds. Trees, though nice, don’t always fit the bill. They can let heavy rains through, and are no protection at all from hail or lightning. And branches laden with snow or ice create a serious risk.

When considering a location for a run-in shed […]

Endangered Horse Breeds

3:53 pm

Could your favorite breed of horse go extinct?

When we think of extinction, we typically picture wild animals who are suffering from loss of habitat. But it’s not just exotic or wild creatures that are in danger of disappearing forever. There are horse breeds who are on the brink. You could argue that they’re suffering from loss of habitat, too–lost jobs, barns, and pastures when the Industrial Age replaced horses with machines.

Many of the threatened or endangered horse breeds of the world were once working horses. The Cleveland Bay, the Hackney horse, the Suffolk […]

Three New Horse Sports

8:55 pm

Ready for something new with your horse?

Maybe it’s time to think outside of the traditional disciplines. These three new horse sports aren’t necessarily brand-new, but none of these disciplines fit into the classic English/Western molds most of us are accustomed to. And that’s precisely the appeal for many riders!

Horseball: We talked about Horseball on this site back in February — Horseball is a hot new sport in Europe, Mexico, and Canada, and will be part of the World Equestrian Games in Normandy this August. The sport involves a soccer ball with handles […]

Household Items That Are Barn Essentials

3:33 pm

Not everything in your barn needs to be an expensive speciality item from the tack shop — it just seems that way sometimes!

In reality, there are plenty of everyday items available at the people store (that’s where you buy that regular stuff like cereal and toothbrushes, different than the tack shop) that are great around the barn. Here are five barn essentials (and a few bonus items) to put in your cart the next time you’re at the discount store.

Duct Tape: I know, this is a gimme. But seriously, have you replenished your […]

Riding Helmets

8:41 pm
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Do you wear a riding helmet?

There’s a growing faction of pro-helmet activists in the equestrian community. One of the most visible, Riders4Helmets, includes some alarming statistics on their website. Horse riding, the organization states, is a dangerous sport on level with motorcycle riding, and head injuries are the leading cause of equestrian-related hospital admissions and deaths.

And in a Canadian study of patients admitted with equestrian industries, 60% of related deaths were caused by head injuries to riders who were […]

Equine Coronavirus

Equine Coronavirus – A Black Swan Event

When I first heard of the concept of a Black Swan event, I was more than intrigued.  Curious enough in fact, that I read the New York Times bestseller: The Black Swan, the Impact of the Highly Improbable by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (2007, Random House, 300 pages and notes, etc).  This very complicated treatise was based upon the story of the black swan: basically people were convinced that all swans were white.  When a black swan was first discovered, it literally, in today’s vernacular, rocked their world.

This shock […]

Glue On Shoes

6:36 pm

No Nails Required: The New Era of Horseshoeing

For about five hundred years, give or take, humans have been protecting horses’ hooves and giving their animals traction by nailing on shoes. And for just as long (presumably) horses have had their hooves damaged by those nails, whether simply because slowly-growing horn racked up too many holes from back-to-back shoeings, or because a “hot nail” hit sensitive laminae within the hoof.

Horseshoes are often seen as a necessary evil. Sure, we’d all love to have our horses barefoot — it would hurt less when they step […]

Poisonous Plants

5:52 pm

Three Common Plants That Might Hurt Your Horse

Is there poison in your pasture?

Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? Sadly there are plenty of growing things that your horse might think are nice to eat, but are in fact poisonous. Over the twenty years of designing facilities we have developed a twenty two page document listing as many of these as we can. It might be a native growth or an ornamental planting brought in by ambitious gardeners. Either way, it’s time to check your outdoor areas and make sure there’s nothing dangerous lurking out there […]

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